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Final Audio A3000 IEM

Final Audio A3000 IEM

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Product Description
The bassier little brother of Final Audio’s A4000 earphones, the A3000 is a streamlined IEM that packs a punch. Just like its sibling, the A3000 is the beneficiary of Final Audio’s extensive manufacturing efforts—a new production facility and machinery—to develop custom driver components from the ground up Read More

Dec 31, 2021
What is the deal with the Case?? LOL!! It is NOT very cool.How it even works is beyond me. They don't fit in there very well.
Sep 9, 2021
It is possible to change the wire on this and the A4000. A lot of 2 pin cables will come with a groove already on the correct side. Just requires scoring it with an xacto knife a coupe of times and it fits in snug. Added picture to pictures of it with Linsoul Euphrosyne. Just thought this could help someone in the future.
Sep 3, 2021
Headfonics review of the Final A3000 "The all-rounder A3000 has good potential to scale up with output power and displays a very wide stage, while the A4000 displays strong treble performance that makes Jpop and Kpop thrilling."
Dec 4, 2021
most reviews are bs, and consider that their average score is probably 8, if not more. Go by the comments here from actual owners. I own Final products, they usually sound great, but a pain to mod or to wear.
Dec 4, 2021
sandriyiAgreed. I have never tried the A3000s, but I own the A4000. Bought it on a whim. It’s criminally underrated. Sparkling highs and clear, tight low end. Love it and one of my daily drivers (along with the 7hz Timeless). Comments by some reviewers about its sibilant highs are overblown. I’m pretty sensitive to sibilance (which is why I can’t stand the TH900s in any implementation), but the A4000s aren’t that. Great bang for the buck.
Aug 12, 2021
After reading the reviews and discussions here I was about to pull the pin but canceled when I saw the $15 shipping charge. Pass. Why can China ship every IEM and some headphones free to Canada but Drop needs $15???
Aug 13, 2021
Brickcity77Because the item is shipped to drop warehouse in the US before being shipped into Canada. The extra pit stop to their warehouse adds to the cost.
Jun 25, 2021
Wow. These things are the new $100-120 kings. They blow the starfields, and even the legacy 3 out of the water for me. (I say even, because I never really use my starfields they fit awkward and the weight is always pulling them out of my ear ruining the seal). They imaging and detail reproduction compared with the perfect amount of bass is the best I've listened to in this price category. This is my new daily driver IEM. This has to come with the caveat that THESE THINGS NEED an amp or at least a DAP. Most IEMs like the legacy 3 I can use on a FIIO BTR5 at 30 volume, low gain (source turned up). However, these require High gain and I can listen carefully at up to 60 volume on high gain. If I forget and plug in another set of IEMs it can be deathly painful. I would also add that I bought these on amazon. My delivery was strange... the box came with the seals cut, the tips in the case were rearranged. The actual IEMs appeared to be sealed.. but when I first put them in they sounded.. unbalanced to me. Like the right one had been burned in longer. After switching my DAP to high gain and then especially after letting them burn int his went away. For that reason, and them being 10-20 more expensive, I'd actually recommend buying them from the DROP seller so hopefully they come new for you. They're absolutely worth it. A million times over. This is one of the times where the "they sound like gear many times more expensive" is actually true. They are extremely light, but that's a huge positive to me. That it what I look for in an IEM. I want it to be comfortable for hours. They have recessed 2 pin that's notched, which helps if you have OCD about plugging it in one way or the other, but may make finding a replacement cable a little more difficult. One last note is that they do make so poorly mixed music sound like trash. However, some stuff I thought sounded poorly mixed on other sets sounded phenomenal on these like Dinosaur Pile-Up.
Aug 13, 2021
MkizzleThanks for the details. Do you happen to have the nuForce EDC as well? If you do, how does the A3000 compare?
Jun 20, 2021
Are these flush with the ears?
Jun 23, 2021
RedingtonIt depends, if the distance between your Pinna and ear canal is more than 9mm than it will be flush, for a size comparison it's pretty close to the Shure 215 series but slightly larger and more boxy,
Apr 21, 2021
I'll say, this is the better deal than the a4000. Almost the same sound wise and cheaper
Apr 21, 2021
BigBallBagThe A4000 is also very bright, so if you aren't into that sound signature you're saving money.
Jun 25, 2021
BigBallBagGot to try both. I prefer the A3000, the sound has a bit more kick and sounds fun while still be super detailed.
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