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FLC Technology FLC8S IEMs

FLC Technology FLC8S IEMs

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Product Description
While most IEMs lock you into a sound signature, the FLC Technology FLC8S allows you to customize up to 36 different sound signatures—for a listening experience just the way you like it. Along with the same dual balanced armature and dynamic driver setup as its predecessor, the FLC8, this model comes with an improved cable to minimize tangling and touch noise Read More

A community member
Aug 26, 2018
flc8s /shure 846?
Mar 5, 2018
Not worthy any cent from your wallet. There is a problem with aftermarket cables - FLC has 0,74 mm diameter and best match UE TripleFi cables has 0,75 mm. That tiny difference makes troubles - since you put bigger cable into earphones there is no return. You can forget stock cables, because they became loose. Original copper cable is average and silver replacement cable from costs 145 USD. A propos stock cables: old FLC8 cable was much better, the new one is awful, has a lot of microphonics and doesn't have ear hook (despite of product renders and FLCForrest sayings). IMHO buy another earphones with better cables, not cheap chinese ones.
Dec 28, 2017
Hi guys, what was the price at last drop.
Apr 2, 2017
I received FLC8S from Massdrop yesterday. They sound great and everything looks like advertised except the cable guides around ears are missing. This makes me concerned about the cable long term durability.
Apr 7, 2017
Pete.rHi Pete.r,
I'm pulling this information from the head-fi forum for FLC8s - the removal of the cable guides is a recent update to the FLC8s that you will see in all the latest models. That is because, put simply, the cable guides sucked. They were too stiff and didn't sit well on most people's ears, causing microphonics and comfort issues. So it was removed, which enables better wearability. I wouldn't have any concerns about long terms durability - especially because the cable can be replaced. You can order the old cable off LMUE for ~$30 Singaporean Dollars. Hope this helps :)
Mar 22, 2017
Damn, missed it by a day. What did they sell for?
Mar 22, 2017
Rodmunch270$ + shipping *-* There were like only 10 units for sale lol... I can't believe I managed to grab one.
Mar 23, 2017
CamperIVThanks and don't rub it in! :P I hope I catch the next drop.
Mar 21, 2017
For those who are suckers for magical mids and smooth treble (Nuforce Primo), is there a similar filter configuration with these?
Mar 21, 2017
I cannot believe this price! I bought it at $400+, and loved it (still do)! Only drawback is its microphonic cable, if you move a lot, you can hear sound from the cable. Otherwise, it's perfect!
Jan 14, 2016
I got the non "S" version of this earphone when it first dropped here a while back. They are very impressive sounding earphones. Super clear and very musical.
From what I've read on Head-Fi and other discussions, the current "S" version seems to have a different, more flexible, cord which is braided. The old one had a solid cord which was stiffer and maybe harder to loop over the ears. Folks seem to say the older version seems a little warmer, and the current version may be a little brighter. But pretty much the same good sound between the two otherwise.
I'm not sure if there are any other differences past the cord, but there may be.
Very impressive sound. Funny, though. When I took them with me on a Christmas trip, I used these exclusively. At that time I thought they sounded just a tad synthetic or artificial. It may have needed burn in, as I hadn't really used them much at all since I got them. Or it may have been my system (FiiO E12A driven from a Moto E smartphone).
But when set up right, they sound fantastic.
Jan 13, 2016
Are these better than JVC fx850?
Mar 21, 2017
Talan7If you like fx850's sound, you can try LZ audio A4. They sound more contraled and more smoothly extended.
Jan 13, 2016
lot of info on headfi, they are pretty good but have drawbacks. Their biggest feature is how much you can customise them through the plugs. The plugs are fiddly and not something you can do on the fly, some say they can be lost but that goes for most things tbh. For the price though this is close to what most other places sell them for and IMHO there are better options for that money IF you find the sound sig you like in a universal.
These you can obviously tune to your hearts content and short of customs where you can ask for various tunings you wont get that and once customs are bored and ba set at specific depth you ain't changing that so the do-it-all nature of these is worth it for some.
I have multiple pairs instead but been considering getting these for myself but the treble reported as harsher than some equivalents in every configuration puts me off as I'm sensitive to sibilance and it really irritates me.
Mar 22, 2017
yeah it drives me mad and get fatigued by it really easy and notice it much more than most. Without going into it too much it is because I have weird brain wiring and more sensitive to some sound and light (more flicker than the intensity) and confirmed medically it is due to higher level of wiring inthose brain centres compared to neurotypical pattern. Thus it is actual neurological thing and not something I can just "get over" thus some people think I'm being picky when I am not.
Mar 22, 2017
sorry missed the comment until now. Impression was from a few places but mainly headfi owners of them but was obviously year ago so not in my history or I'd link it. Never got them in the end. Yeah I know to take some stuff with pinch of salt but I'm prone to some issues more than most so played it safe. On the value note I don't mean they're bad thus the capital "IF", just if you find a perfect signature you like in a universal from one of the huge companies those price/performance ratios cannot be beaten by smaller run or niche stuff in direct apples to apples (obviously not factoring the multiple signature adjustment).
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