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IKKO Zerda ITM01 Portable Headphone DAC/Amp

IKKO Zerda ITM01 Portable Headphone DAC/Amp

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Product Description
The tiny, pocketable IKKO Zerda ITM01 headphone DAC/amp combines versatility with vivid audio quality to show that great sound really can come in small packages. The ESS9298 custom DAC chip at its core gives impressive resolution and sonic nuance with 32-bit, 384-kilohertz sampling capabilities Read More

Although it's not the most powerful portable DAC/amp out there, the Zerda ITM01 is quite an interesting device that's capable of powering most headphones, save for the most power-hungry ones. Here's my full review →

Jan 20, 2022
this isn't in the audiophile section, is it? C'mon Massdrop ya used ta done betta
Jan 25, 2022
SexPandaByOdeonThis is hardly the first mini amp/dac Drop has carried.
DarrylGI’m pretty sure I was aware of that… What do you mean? Did I miss a quality small form factor DAC?
Oct 9, 2021
2v at 32ohms is like 80mW. Way too low to drive any headphones in a decent manner. Strictly for iems. There are far better out there for a few dollars more.
Jan 19, 2022
“this dac is ‘strictly for iems’…” If I’m embarrassed, imagine the embarrassment of the guy who believes the output power rating is referring to the DAC section.
Jan 19, 2022
I get what you’re saying, but the dongle dac/amp field is hyper competitive and choices are plenty. Compared to what’s out there, this product appears far inferior to others that do it better for only a few dollars more. For example, the 9038s/d and S9 Pro have far greater output and can actually drive full sized cans decently and also measure cleaner. You might have to pay $25-$50 more but in absolute terms that’s not much compared to the performance delta. There are other examples too. I don’t think this product is something that should be recommended. My 2 cents.
Oct 7, 2021
Anyone have this for their iPhone, how is it? It specifies Decoding rate: 32-bit / 384 kHz (PCM), Dop128 (DSD) but what about for lighting connections? I thought lighting is a limiting factor compared to C type.
Oct 6, 2021
Although I'm just a random person on the internet, I'd recommend you don't buy this, at least from Drop.
  1. you can buy it for $59 on Amazon and get it in a week rather than 2 months.
  2. you'll have to pay shipping on Drop. AKA, that price of $48 is gonna be a lot closer to $59 from Amazon.
As a DAC AMP combo however, this thing is pretty spot on. Magnetic cable is actually awesome too since I've gotten headphones yanked off my head one too many times from a chair or desk. I did also see from a review that you can get additional Magnetic cables, but I'm not sure where this guy got them from. He was using them in a hot swapping kind of situation which is nice. Youtube Video Link
Amazon Link
Oct 6, 2021
Why connection not type-C? Where seek this cable to change?
Oct 6, 2021
can you buy the 2nd cable separately?
phattioI cant find it anywhere on the website or their Amazon page :/ this guy on Youtube did have extra cables (idk where he got them though).

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