Koss CS300-USB Headset
Koss CS300-USB Headset
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Whether you’re working or playing from home, a headset is a must-have for communication. If you’re looking for one that does the job on both sides of the conversation, the Koss CS300-USB Headset is an excellent choice Read More

Well, they look good. And, to some sexy. But, let me progress, pls? :-) I have neither heard these, nor read Amazon reviews. To "Yirg", below, just b/c 22% on Amazon rate them 1/5 doesn't mean some number of those 22% have agendae to trash the product, right? Readers, I'd offer that to better form our more rational judgement, from reviews alone, we look at trends within any star rating: time, date, "origin", among other FACTS? C'mon, we know bots are unleashed to "review" products -like the US clown of a "leader", President "Jonestown" Wac(k)o- and see the glass half full, not always half empty, pls? Thanks, all.
PS. I'll likely buy a pair, adapt them to my iPhone, and travel about the DMV (District/Maryland/Virginia) where I work, look cool asf, and still be able to hear some sneaky clown trying to distract me. ;->)
Jul 15, 2020
These seem to fit in "work at home essentials" more than "audiophile" with the inconvenient usb and attached mic. It is koss, so maybe these are great, but i doubt it to be honest.
Jul 16, 2020
Not everything from koss is good
Jul 15, 2020
If you check Amazon, you'll learn two things:
  1. This is a badly reviewed product. Average of 3.4 out of 5, with 22% giving it 1/5
  2. Amazon's regular price is a cent cheaper than this drop :-)