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Lime Ears Aether R Essential – Drop Exclusive

Lime Ears Aether R Essential – Drop Exclusive

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Product Description
With powerful subwoofer-driven bass, crystal-clear high frequencies, and uncompromising comfort, the Aether R IEM from Lime Ears was an instant hit among audiophiles. In the new Aether R Essential—available only on Drop—these same characteristics are available at less than half the cost Read More

Customer Reviews

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88% would recommend to a friend
Mar 5, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Great for wireless
I am using it with Fiio UTWS5. Very matched.
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Dec 19, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Fantastic for the price
Excellent for all music genres except classical nice, addictive bass, well balanced
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Oct 10, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Sound is great,howevee in my opinon it pales in comparison to the camfire andromeda. One of the pair was defective.I did not realize this till amonthpassed when I changed the cables. The receticle bent them.Amonth had passed and according to drops policy.They would no longer replace them.I can not blame drop because this is there policy but I think members should urge them to change it especially when the manufacturar does not heve a warranty.I was just suprised to find such poor quality control in ahigh end product and no waranty.Buy at you own risk .I might have gottent the one in ahundred that is bad. Many of you had probably had noreason to change the cable and do not even know you have adefective one.The big problem know is I am nosatisfied with it an can not sell it.Sometimes what seems to bee a bargin is not .Let the buyer be ware All the prior reveiws look like they are just doing it for the points The IKKO OH 90% of the sound for 25% of the price. get the OH 10 and Andromed skip the lyme 11/20/21 since my original review I purchased 3 more iem;s thata sound better the oracle $500,xenn up$700 and the unique melody MK 2 $1300.The Um is the best iem I have heard to date. 12/23/21 since the last update i have purchasesd 2 other all ba iem.s the rsv $580 and the lokahi $239 both are better
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Oct 1, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Not that worth but not bad
Campared with K10, very normal…
Sep 15, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Truly amazing
These are my go to now over the shure846 for a warm sounding IEM with great bass that hits just right.
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Sep 17, 2021
What are you using for a cable? Ideally, I'd find something lightweight that doesn't add sound if the cable rubs on clothing or whatnot.
Sep 18, 2021
Will_BHere's a quick breakdown worth checking out before reading the rest of my response... I ended up buying moon audio bronze dragon IEM cables for these thinking I'd need to pair these with something special. I wouldn't say it was a bad move, but it was completely unnecessary. You can't go wrong with Silver-plated OFC cables if interference is a problem. If you want, you can experiment with copper to see if you get a warmer sound with the combo. Or, you could buy these and call it a day, which is my personal advice.
Jul 20, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Definitely TOTL iem sound.
My other highest end would be Elex, Edition XX and Noble K10ua and these are equal to the best. I guess the K10 would be the best competitor for obvious reasons. The K10 are a bit brighter and have more bite but these are extremely immersive, organic and smooth. Honestly, listening to these I really cannot find a fault. It's more a matter of what sound signature you prefer but to me these are neutral, nothing offensive. It's not bright or analytical but just musical. The detail is all there but not obvious or in your face. After listening to my other iems like the k10, what really makes these stand out by far is the incredible sound stage. Read the maker designed these to sound like a good 2.1 far field monitor and it shows. Music does not sound like it's being piped into your ears but like it's coming from all around you. In all directions, side to side, forward and back, it's truly impressive. I wonder how he does this. I tend to like strong bass but with experience in higher end stuff this has become less a concern as I experience the immersiveness of a more balanced signature. If I could be ultra picky I suppose I would have the more thump of a dynamic bass driver but then I might not get the accuracy, so it's a trade off. Perhaps a bit more sparkle? Again, splitting hairs because the sound stage and imaging is amazing and you feel like you are in the sound. Fit is actually pretty good despite girth because the stem is just long enough to really seal better than the Noble which is far more picky tip wise. Took a trip to Tofino, dropped a tab, listening to Orbital walking on the beach was perhaps my best audio experience ever. Crazy good. I mostly listen using Linsoul Nymph cable, Exelastic tips via LG v60 or better, Aurender Flow.
Jakob*props for Orbital reference =
Jul 7, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Simply Great
That is all you get in the parcel, and inside the carrying bag are the 2 buds. Personally I am glad to know that all the purchase price has gone into the actual earphones instead some unwanted accessories that will accessorize no one. I have just received it and will update the review if I can be bothered
Apr 12, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
If you aren't already comfortable with adding your own cable and earpieces this isn't for you. I already had cables, and I pretty consistently use JVC spiral dots. I listened all day today while working in the yard with a leaf blower running, so I wasn't listening all the way into the silence, but with an idsd nano and they gave my Campfire Audio Andromedas a run for their money, in terms of the sound isolation and sound quality. Definitely worth the money.
Jan 26, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Definitely worth the money
I have several pairs of top-tier IEM's, and these compare favorably to sets costing twice as much or more. I purchased a middle-quality Tripowin cable and chose some Azla ear tips, and the resulting complete IEM setup is definitely first-rate. The sound is full and well-balanced, the sound stage and separation are excellent, and the Lime Ears units are large but still comfortable. I know a well-known reviewer has knocked this newer version of the Aether, but I think he got it wrong. These have become my favorite IEM's for a variety of musical genres from minimal techno to classical to rock oldies. As an all-BA IEM, the bass and sub bass are not as 'slamming' as some units featuring dynamic drivers for the low end. But I have actually always liked the timbre of high-quality BA sub bass and I think the bass levels are just right for most types of music. I would not hesitate to recommend these to anyone seeking a rich, full-bodied sound experience.
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Jun 2, 2021
GrandNagusAzla tips are great! The Sedna Short especially is good for bass
Dec 21, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Absolutely phenomenal sound!
I really, really enjoy the sound of these IEMs, and I was absolutely blown away by the sound. This is my first pair of high end IEMs. My previous pairs had been the MEE Pinnacle P1 and the 1More Quad Driver. I was finding that I would rarely use them because they did not compete with my Focal Elex and Sennheiser HD 650 over-ear headphones. I was looking for sound that would be on par with the Focal, and I found that and more in these. When I first saw this drop, I read all of the reviews that I could find on the Aether R. All of the reviews that I could find were quite positive, and I decided that this pair would be a steal at $650. Despite the price tag being so much lower, I was expecting sound of $1,000+ headphones, and that is what I got. I have read much of the discussion on here stating that they don't have enough bass or that the soundstage is not deep enough. I have not found that to be the case. The bass is deeply engaging and very present without being in any way boomy. It is tight and controlled and quite engaging. I was also shocked at how wide the soundstage was on a pair of IEMs. I was not aware that this type of soundstage was possible without open-backed headphones. Additionally, the clarity on these is impressive. After a week of listening, I have found these to be a very good performer with all genres I have tried. Most importantly, these provide an absolutely joyful listening experience. Even after a week, I find myself with a huge smile on my face while listening to songs I have heard hundreds of times before. I unequivocally recommend these headphones to anyone. This level of sound at $650 seems like an absolute steal.
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