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Jun 28, 2018
Got these, 4 songs in so take this as very early impression, I like to start enjoying right away, wether sounds change or not with the burn, well maybe. I really like them, they are certainly involving, quite nice mids and detail retrieval might be even a notch above the 6xx. I still think the 6xx/650 is the better headphone for it's a tonality. It might be to early to judge that, but I do hear these headphones on the boomy side. The FR don't say that and people will tell me I need my ears check, but to me it's an even bassier headphone than my Th-X00 Purpleheart in it's tonality, don't know why, normally FR don't lie, so maybe I need to give them time. The bass is more punchy and tight on the PH with more in the subs, but I do ear more bass presence on these, maybe because more distortion in this area, maybe because there's more bleed in the low mids and just the fact that it's less tight and precise. Don't want to sound too negative tough because to me the rest of the 6xx family is really laking in the lowest basses so it's not all a bad thing. All together it's a steal at this price.
Jun 28, 2018
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