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Nov 9, 2018
Ok, I'm never doing a blue box drop again. I got the M6 and then discovered I could get them cheaper on Amazon. The "value" on Massdrop was deceptive. I haven't heard such bad headphones in years. To be fair, I haven't bought anything this cheap in years, either. I guess if you got them for $13 on Amazon with Prime shipping they might not be a terrible value. (But $15 from Massdrop is a terrible value.) But if you only have $13 to spend on headphones, save up a little more and spend $40 on the Zero Audio Carbo Tenore-they're 10x better. But for sh*ts and gigles, here's a review of the sound: Highs barely exist-it sounds like you're listening through a pillows The mids are ok if you don't mind the top end of the mids having absconded along with the highs. Hint: you will mind. Bass: This is the only part of the sound that was excluded from the party when the highs and part of the mids fled this steaming dungpile. So fortunately, the bass isn't missing. It's pretty depressed from being excluded from said party, which sounds like poor clarity. The bass isn't more muddy than I'd expect at this price point, though. Pros? The only pro for the M6 is that they are molded in the faux-custom IEM style. You might be able to wear them to sleep, underneath helmets, etc. because they hide inside your ear so well. If you like this style, this is a pro.
Nov 9, 2018
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