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Apr 21, 2016
Received my Ventures a few days back been testing them for a bit. For starters it's comfortable enough for me to sit for a couple hours at a time without taking them off. The clamping force is not too tight which is a huge relief for someone wearing spectacles. Noise isolation is surprisingly decent I blocked out most of the noise from the construction site just across the street.
The sound quality though... I haven't tested them with wires but over bluetooth it's definitely not the best I have tried. Bass is way too heavy. I had to dial down the bass in the equalizer settings. Something I have never done not even on my vmodas. Plenty of details lost especially for percussion instruments like cymbals and snare drums.
Call quality is decent. No one could tell the difference between using this and regular ear buds. Been using them for about 4 days averaging 3-4 hours a day. Still haven't been able to drain the battery. Haven't had any issues of connection drops via bluetooth so far even when walking between rooms.
Apr 21, 2016
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