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Moondrop SSR Super Spaceship IEM

Moondrop SSR Super Spaceship IEM

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Product Description
For budget-friendly earphones, transparency is a bit of a final frontier. In the SSR Super Spaceship Reference IEM, Moondrop has taken one step closer to reaching it Read More

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Apr 6, 2024
Activities:Critical Listening, Gaming
Music Genres:Electronic, Hip-hop, Metal, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
Good Treble, Alright Bass
a great 25$ option, but a bit uncomfortable with the included eartips and slightly weaker bass than expected likely due to how isolating the seal is in the ear canal, but not very high volume bass
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May 3, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Gaming
Music Genres:Classical, Pop, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
One Heck of a Surprise for Only $25
With a little fiddling to get the "feeling" of the SSRs seated properly in my ear canals, this thing is one hell of a surprise... and also a surprise whenever I forget I'm wearing these things, sometimes (literally the first time in ages since I've ever had this happen). I've heard of Moondrop through others that would praise some of their products (most notably, the Blessing 2), and seeing this set of IEMs be put up for a group pre-order, I thought why not and check out something new from them... after having a set of AKG N400s for a while (only spent $40 on the thing), it'd be nice to check out stuff under $50 and land upon another hit. The SSRs are most certainly a great pair of IEMs for this price bracket... IF you're not a bass head of any sort. The imaging on these things are waaaaaay too good to be what this is supposed to be worth, and some kinds of music (maybe something classical or rock) sound fantastic with smooth mids and treble (at some frequencies). Low End and SOME of the Upper Treble do leave something to be desired, though this may be up to personal preference:
  • The sound can get tinny if whatever you're listening to or on (hardware-wise) has an emphasis on treble
  • Cymbals and Hi-Hats sometimes get a little overbearing depending on the mix
  • Low End doesn't have much impact, if ANY Impact. This doesn't mean it's nonexistent, but don't expect a heck of a kick or anything of the sort.
I've only gotten these yesterday, and it would be better to give it more time for the burn-in period to settle, but I think it's still a neat IEM despite it. It was only $25 for god's sake! And man, are they comfy. This feels like a pretty good start with looking into Moondrop, and I think I might do a little more research with getting another pair from their lineup.
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