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Nov 25, 2013
Could the break-in service/warranty be any more shady?
It's unlikely that anyone will manage 500 hours of break-in time in 60 days, so they've given the customer a reason to give them more money to speed up the break-in process -- anyone willing to pay for this has already fallen for the placebo effect once and will very likely fall for it again. Win-win.
If the customer doesn't pay for the break-in service, Morrow Audio gives their customers a reason to hang on to their product with a promise that it will improve AFTER the warranty expires. But if they believed your product would, in fact, improve drastically over time, wouldn't they offer a longer warranty?
I mean, you can get 2-3 year warranties on hard drives with delicate moving parts (many of which cost less than a 1m cable). These things can actually break down and stop working. What exactly can happen to a cable in 60 days, aside from extreme misuse (which obviously wouldn't be covered under any warranty anyway)?
Nov 25, 2013
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