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NXEars Opera and Sonata IEMs

NXEars Opera and Sonata IEMs

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Product Description
On a mission to bring balanced, expansive soundstaging to the world of earphones, NXEars has created an IEM line that removes occlusion from the ear and to let the audio breathe for the first time.  Available here are two models—the Opera and the Sonata—that feature innovative Aperiodic Ground Loading technology to reduce pressure and unnatural resonance Read More

Feb 5, 2022
These are probably hella-awesome... with the note being on Ohm (range).
Feb 5, 2022
anybody know if there a cheap headphone with same driver ?
  • Drivers: (1) Knowles balanced armature

Feb 5, 2022
scottluKnowles are perhaps the leading balanced armature makers. Their drivers can be found in many IEMs. But they make more than one type of balanced armatures, and furthermore - the implementation in every specific IEM model may affect the sound. So, this in itself is not very informative.
Feb 4, 2022
these look like more expensive Audiosense t800
Feb 4, 2022
It looks like someone grabbed em and dragged them across the pavement.
Feb 4, 2022
Am I the only one who is waiting for measurements and who thinks EVERY company should include one?
Feb 9, 2022
Frequency response graphs are important for me. I know that I hate most elevated treble curves/peaks, so in my case this info is vital, but for some it doesn't matter much, I agree. For me, it tells whether I should spend my money on it at all, plus, it makes companies look good and confident at the very least. It's like selling a chopper and not specifying the watts or something.
Feb 10, 2022
PafkataI agree completely with you! That’s why, at least for me, I now always look at FR curves before considering buying an IEM or headphone. I MAY NOT LIKE the sound even if the frequency response looks good to me, but so far I have NEVER LIKED the sound of an IEM or headphone that has a frequency response curve I think looks off based on what I do like. This is a lesson I have learned the hard way having purchased many, many headphones and IEMs without first looking at the FR curves…
Feb 4, 2022
Visually with Opera, kinda seems like you're buying a phone with the screen already damaged.
WordsandMusicIt looks like they used mat reinforcing in the resin matrix, not at all appealing to me.
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