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PSB M4U 1 & M4U 2 Headphones

PSB M4U 1 & M4U 2 Headphones

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With the M4U (Music for You) series, PSB applies its four decades of experience making great-sounding speakers to the world of high-performance headphones. Great for at home and on the go, these comfortable over-ear cans boast Room Feel™: a technology that aims to make headphones sound like a pair of flat-measuring full-range speakers set up in an ideal room environment Read More

Oct 20, 2018
Why can‘t this be shipped to Austria?
Oct 20, 2018
doesn't ship to Australia :(
Oct 18, 2018
Wish they had the wirless...
Oct 18, 2018
How these would compare with Sony mdr-1am2?
Oct 18, 2018
Owned a M4U1 for 4 years now. Hasn't broken on me yet but after buying other headphones similar to its original pricepoint, I've got to say it just isn't comfortable enough or sound good enough to warrant the purchase. Design is ugly, plastic gets scratched to hell, earpads are small and are almost on-ear. My ears got very hot and uncomfortable after an hour with them on. I enjoyed the sound when I first got it (it was my first headphone that cost more than $200, after the M50x)... however I can't listen to these for more than testing purposes anymore. They just sound wrong compared to my other headphones. Very closed in and doesn't sound very clear. I think closed headphones today have much better options at both cheaper and higher price points.
Oct 18, 2018
I've had my pair of M4U1's for years. I love these to death. The stage is small, but these have a great, warm sound, isolate well (used these on more than a few plane rides) even without the ANC model, and are incredibly efficient. The plastic material does feel flimsy, but using the carrying case while traveling with it, mine are STILL going strong.
Edit to add: I paid $300 for mine, when they first came out. No regrets. Easily worth 130.
Oct 18, 2018
These headphones sound great, have decent comfort, but I don't reccomend them for one reason. Their build quality is cheap and they have very poor duability. The hinge and headband will crack and break after a few months to a year. I've had two pairs and both failed the exact same way and after the exact same amount of use. The larger your head, the faster this will happen. I'm not sure if they have fixed this issue, but if they haven't. Then you should avoid.
Oct 17, 2018
These are great cans at this price. I got these at the same time as I got the Fidelio X2s and both go well. The only complaint at this price is the cable noise. If you play with the cable, you'll hear it. I have the passive ones, but the seal is tremendous so you only need ANC for truly noisy environments.
Easy to drive, too.
The other big deal is it feels plasticky. They do resemble beats, but much better sound and price. They are a steal at this price, if you need a smaller set of closed headphones, you won't find better until you're hitting double the drop price.
Oct 17, 2018
I own an M4U 2. I've quite enjoyed it. Sounds much better than the Bose QC25. The noise cancelling isn't quite as good as the Bose, but still quite good. Comfort is good, but it's a bit heavy and won't stay on your head if you're doing a workout.
Overall a steal at $130. I believe I paid $350 CAD for mine back in the day.
Nov 15, 2018
BradumCan you just clarify for me please? Did you pay on this drop $130 for the M4U 1 or 2? I payed some years ago £190 for a new pair of M4U 2 and i had to search high and low to get a pair under £200. In dollars back then the exchange rate made the pound much stronger than the dollar so i think you are about right with your estimate, I'm sorry i missed this drop as it was a good deal.
Oct 17, 2018
Great sound on these headphones, and the ANC is not bad either
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