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Sailormade Bracelets
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For four generations, the family behind Sailormade crafted beautiful brass hardware for others. Then in 2010, they decided to start designing products themselves Read More

Mar 24, 2019
I like fine things like the next guy. But these prices, while not unusual in the bracelet market are just batshit crazy. Seems that this brand, and others like it seem to cater to Martha Vineyard type blokes. I've been making bracelets as gifts and creative outlet for years and yet have to come across any leather, stainless steel, or brass hardware that cost more than 10 bucks retail (and I sure don't buy the Made in US argument to demand high prices). While I want folks to make profit for the things they create (why else be be in the market outside of altruistic interests) there is profit and there is greed. Personally, I'd not be able to enjoy the beauty or function of this, or any other product without thinking someone is having a good laugh on me. But again that is just a pet peeve and I'd apreciate anybody else who'd not care, doesn't feel this way, finds a sound balance of price vs. value and pull the triger. I am sure I've made purchases someone else could make the same argument, in fact, I've criticised in the past folks who made my argument. But, again, this is just a batshit crazy profit margin.
Mar 23, 2019
These are really nice, if only the price were lower :p
Mar 21, 2019
fuck me--$60?
Mar 21, 2019
These look good. I like that they have smaller sizes. But $60, come on, these should be $20 max especially on a discount site like this.
Mar 21, 2019
I'm wondering how many people looked at this drop and said to themselves: "you know, these bracelets remind me of the simple, boundless pleasures of the sea"--as opposed to those who just said: "fuck me--sixty bucks?"
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