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Santa Cruz Audio SC1000 IEMs & Hi-Fi Earplugs

Santa Cruz Audio SC1000 IEMs & Hi-Fi Earplugs

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Product Description
The debut product from California-based Santa Cruz Audio, the SC1000 delivers some of the best noise cancellation available in IEMs today. It turned heads at the LA Audio Show and the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest with its built-in high-performance power amplifier and high-fidelity stereo microphones Read More

Oct 21, 2019
when the price goes down to $50, I'll be buying this :D
Oct 21, 2019
How did these go from almost $600, to $90?
Apr 16, 2019
I just received this and it seems to be a very comfortable sealant. The sound is much clearer than my Samsung phone. The sound that comes out of it sounds like my sennheiser ie800s. It is very clear and the bass is quite balanced. My has a big crack in it and Fred from Santa Cruz audio is sending a replacement as I write this. Now I hear different things than my grado 10 iem. It is clear and bass is perfect! I could hardly hear my friend talk when I turn it off and awhile turning it down, I could hear again. For $90, it is a steal!
Apr 13, 2019
I cannot find any information of this company and this product in chinese. If it is a good product, it should have been reported already.

Apr 13, 2019
I am curious about this product. The reviews kind of seem all over the place. Zero reviews on Amazon sort of worry me, but with the price point there, I understand. The Amplifier: I read the reasoning that it is hardwired to the IEMs themselves. However, I feel that could have simply been resolved by using a 3-4 pole 2.5mm jacks, or even a proprietary connection. This would have been better for issues or accidents with the product. Say the amp dies, or one of the drivers fail, get ripped off, cable issues what have you. Then customers could have simply gotten a replacement part, rather then having to get a whole new set. Which at the Drop price, maybe, full price. No.
  • Question wise, what kind of power levels are we talking to drive the headphones from the amp. What kind of impedence levels does both the system, and the IEMs themself have.
  • Is it just an amp inside the system or does it have a built in DAC (I am already assuming this answer, but would like a solid one)
  • Were they designed to sit on the edge of the ear for any other reason then comfort? That doesnt seem like a very secure fit to me unless you are getting a pretty solid amount of pressure from the tip.
I would be using these on my LG V35 which already contains an amp/dac combo (a quite good one, especially for the size) I wonder how these would sound having their own amp and whatnot if I were to turn the amp off on my phone. I use headphones 10 hours a day, 4-5 days depending on my work schedule. Currently my EDC is my MassDrop x NuForce EDCs. I am having a hard time finding if these would be an upgrade or just roughly a 1.5x the price side step.
KramitThe impedance of the audio input is 150 ohms. This greatly reduces the power required from the audio player and eliminates the main problem with portable players (including phones). There is a tech note on this on our website. There is no digital input. Only analog audio. The earpieces were designed to seal against the opening of the ear canal without protruding in. This is significantly more comfortable than having something pushed into the canal. The flexible tab on the back pushes against the back of the concha to maintain the seal and hold the earpiece in place. Use these with your phone as you would any other headphones.
Apr 2, 2019
Where do I ship for a flawed product? My doesn't seem to work at all. I tried dozen new batteries. And also, I want to know if I can choose to get a refund or getting fixed is the only option.
Please contact us directly at: so we can send a replacement.
bosehoWe received boseho's unit and figured out what the problem was. He was using a Duracell Quantum battery which has a very short positive terminal compared to most other AAA cells (0.8 vs 1.2 mm). The battery was held just short of making contact and the amplifier never came on. A small piece of foil tape added to the tip solves the problem. If anyone would like to try an upgraded battery the best choice is the Energizer Ultimate Lithium. This battery has long life and a higher voltage (1.8 vs 1.6 volts) which provides a higher undistorted output.
Mar 29, 2019
worthless. when the amp is turned off, the sound is very cheap. when the amp is on, whitebnoisebis pretty big. if the ambient sound is on, the background noise gets in like 0.3second later. the sound seems quite bulky. treble is messed up together and bass is dirty never buy this thing. using samsung bundle earphone would be much better
Mar 24, 2019
Just received mine. First the amp needs to be on at all times and the ear seal is extremely important. But because the seal is four the outer ear canal (not inserted deep into the ear like other iems), they are very comfortable. The sound quality is quit good once you use the correct tip for a good seal. The sound is closer to an on ear then iem. I've only used them for a short time but wanted to get some information out there. I'm relatively small, 5" 7" but used the largest pair of tips where I'd normally use medium. And again the seal is very important from my experience. Again, sound very good. I have tin 2, Nobel universal, and ibasso iems and these hold up quit well. I haven't used the ambient sound setting so can't say about that yet. Cord is on the stiff side. They have good bass and treble once a good seal is attained. Surprisingly, a lot more pleased than I thought after initial try without amp on and using medium tips. Again good seal and amp on is required, but worth the effort.
Mar 21, 2019
How likely will these ship before the end of March?
Mar 20, 2019
Just received the headphone and I'm really confused about the amp... Is it supposed to have background noise even I'm in a quiet room and turning the ambient sound control to minimal? I'm pretty sure that the amp is designed to be turned on because it sounds horrible without amp. But what's the point listening to the headphone with background noise in a quiet place? I'm pretty it's not coming from my PC because I also test it on my IPOD, and the issue still exists. (Though when using with IPOD with amp turned off, it sounds much better on PC, I still don't know how I supposed to work with the amp.)
Mar 22, 2019
I don't have alcohol or any electronic cleaner at hand so I have to buy it online... But according to the retailer it's not supposed to happen? I'll give you update once I got it.
Mar 23, 2019
I have cleaned mine, just as you've said... and I am still getting the noise. I want to love these, because they sound beautiful... except for the noise, which completely nullifies all of the good points. I live in Australia, so I'd rather not have to send them back. If anyone has a working solution, please let me know.
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