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SMSL A2 Stereo Amplifier

SMSL A2 Stereo Amplifier

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Product Description
Designed to power passive speakers that require an amplifier, the SMSL A2 delivers accurate sound reproduction in a compact, affordable package. It uses the TDA7492 core chip to deliver 40 watts per channel, and features two RCA inputs and one 3.5-millimeter headphone jack input—ideal for quickly sending a signal out from your phone or digital audio player Read More

Apr 13, 2017
Hi, is anyone else getting super sloppy bass output from this? Just bought a Kanto Sub8 to pair with my bookshelf speakers (old B&W) and the bass is absolutely horrible. Frequency cutoff is at 40hz on the sub, and even with the volume almost off, it sounds horrible. Thinking it's the "tone" function on the amp, but no clue how to change it. Instructions that came with the device are the worst. Any help?
Apr 6, 2017
received wrong power cable. needed a U.S. style power cable. went digging through a cable bin and found a proper cable.
Mar 9, 2017
Just hooked this up to a pair of tiny Orb Audio speakers in brushed gunmetal. My Herus DAC is my source out of my MacBook Pro, playing Roon. This is a really tiny setup with a great sound in my kitchen as I cook and then clean up. Amazing how good it sounds considering how inexpensive this amp was. Speakers were only about $220 on sale at Orb too.
Is anyone else having trouble with getting an output to their headphones? I connected both my Klipsch earbuds and my AKG 7xxx's but no sound. I get sound when I switch inputs to my Bose 611 speakers but not from the headphone input channel. I have been waiting for a while just to be able to use the speakers so I would hate to have to wait longer because of returning this product. I haven't exactly seen a whole lot of positive reviews on this little amp on other sites.
Mar 8, 2017
MartinRodriguezthe front is not a output, is an input... you use the front input with an aux cable to plug a mp3 player or phone or any other source...
If you want to plug headphones, you'll need an adapter...
Mar 9, 2017
MartinRodriguezIt's an input, not a headphone output. Meant to allow you to play audio from a source like smartphone or other player.
Feb 14, 2017
If you are looking for an amazing small amp to run your mobile phone, a portable turntable, etc you will not be disappointed. It has two inputs, bass control, treble control, volume control and plenty of power. It lights up my sons room pushing two Kanto Yumi passive speakers. A great value and a great buy.
Feb 8, 2017
Hello, so the drop ended. When do you think the product will be shipped (to Europe) ? approximately ? Thanks !
Feb 2, 2017
Has anyone used this for Overnight Sensation? How well does it power it?
Feb 2, 2017
Could I make custom cables for my hd600 and connect them to this ? Each side would have its own power and grown.
Mar 9, 2017
Mcr240I wouldn't. It's not a headphone amp.
Feb 2, 2017
how does this sound in comparison to the APPJ Miniwatt tube amp?
Feb 4, 2017
bermudaI think it would depend on what speakers you are driving. I have just got my APPJ Miniwatt tube amp (still burning it in) - it sounds great but lacks power - the SMSL A2 Stereo Amp pumps out more power. The APPJ Miniwatt is a lot of fun but I need to put out a pretty loud signal to get reasonable volume. It has that "tube presence", a sort of holographic sound quality, with a warmer, less bright output. The SMSL A2 is a great little amp, output is loud and clean with clear top end and it comes with bass boost if you want to get a bit more bottom end when listening at quiet levels. The Miniwatt has only a control for volume. I also have a SMSL Q5 pro which I think tops the SMSL A2 for power and it has more inputs and EQ controls. The SMSL A2 is a versatile little amp, very happy with it, and good value for what it is. FYI I'm driving some JBL Control 1 speakers in a desktop monitoring situation.
Feb 4, 2017
BagsziHi - Thanks for the reply - I have 2 Miniwatts and love them (especially after tube upgrades) - i find they put out plenty of power pushing either a pair of Klipsch KG 3.5s or 4.5s respectively. Just trying to decide to get this smsl or another miniwatt as it will be in a tougher environment in a utility room near salt water.
Jan 8, 2017
Anyone else receiving a product that has scratches on the face, including the 3.5mm jack quite scratched?
Jan 23, 2017
Spartacus1973There is a thin protective clear film that you have to peel off from the face to reveal the actual surface, dunno if you already peeled it off or not. The film gets scratches, but the actual surface does not.
Feb 5, 2017
DeluxeBreakfastThanks. I was setting this thing up thinking "Wow this think scratches easily...."
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