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Tansio Mirai Land IEM

Tansio Mirai Land IEM

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Product Description
Engineered for a wide range of musical styles and listening preferences, Tansio Mirai’s Land IEM is an impressive blend of versatility and vivid audio. To optimize all areas of the frequency spectrum, each earphone features a 10-millimeter custom low-frequency dynamic driver, two mid-frequency balanced armatures, one high-frequency balanced armature, and two electrostatic high-frequency drivers Read More

Oct 16, 2021
Headfonics review of the TANSIO MIRAI Land "What are you getting here with the TANSIO MIRAI Land? Good sound quality, lots of micro details but most of all versatility by having the ability to be a warm sounding IEM which can also play the part of bright sounding or midrange forward. Or perhaps you like a “pedal to the metal” sound signature, well then just flip those switches."
May 30, 2021
Tansio Mirai Land - Reviews | Headphone Reviews and Discussion - These earphones are a screaming value for the asking price.
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