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Thieaudio Excalibur & Oracle IEMs

Thieaudio Excalibur & Oracle IEMs

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Product Description
Linsoul’s in-house brand Thieaudio is back with two new IEMs—each featuring an ambitious name and a finely tuned sound that lives up to it. First is Excalibur: a triple-hybrid IEM with two Sonion electrostatic drivers, two Knowles balanced armatures, and one 10-millimeter dynamic driver Read More

Aug 27, 2021
good deal for some great iems
May 19, 2021
Hello hello, Having a hard time deciding which one to get…. I own L5. Happy overall, I have no negatives about my L5, but sometimes I wish it had a little more soundstage and imagery, and just a tad more sparkle. Which one would better suit me…
May 20, 2021
601redyou should check out BGGAR's videos for both of them....maybe that will help
May 18, 2021
So no discount when I can order today from linsoul for the same price? And they’re in stock.
Dec 22, 2021
Also the bottle head you have to build yourself... idk how handy you are with a soldering iron and schematics. Lastly thE Feliks echo CAN drive IEM's as long as they're not crazy sensitive (they're OTL) but that's an add on you can worry about after squaring away your DAC. Again... the RME is all 99% of people NEED... its just with this hobby people WANT more.
Dec 22, 2021
I’d say your ADI and A90 stack are pretty balling dude, they work amazing as a source if that’s the case. And yes, you need to start selling the stuff you don’t need. I was in the same boat, but I had to distinguish between a product still being great and a product being needed. You’ll be giving some upcoming audiophile a cheaper barrier to entry to boot.
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