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Thieaudio Legacy 3 IEM

Thieaudio Legacy 3 IEM

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Product Description
Engineered for comfort and high-quality sound articulation, the Legacy 3 IEM from Thieaudio packs a host of cutting-edge hardware into an ergonomic design. Inside, each earphone has three drivers: two balanced armatures and one of Thieaudio’s proprietary 10-millimeter  nano-membrane drivers, also found on the Legacy 9 Read More

May 2, 2021
I see two designs - so is this for the cog design or the glass design - or are you getting two pairs?
May 3, 2021
washuaiCogs. There used to be an option for the other design, and those cost more.
Apr 27, 2021
So the real question is save 20 dollars and wait an unknown amount of time to get them... Or pay the extra 20 and get them like in a few days from amazon...
Feb 22, 2021
Has anyone experienced any QC issues with these?
Apr 19, 2022
KartikSharmaI have had two pairs of the Legacy 3 Clockworks fail. There are way better sounding and built IEM's out there. I have been unimpressed with Thieaudio.
mmikmy mystique's lasted me 2 years no problems before I sold them but yes they are a bit outdated now, still a solid sound and probably the most comfortable/best fitting IEM I've tried to date
Dec 24, 2020
Did this drop ship? Never received my order and haven't heard from Drop about it.
DBfreshLook at your transactions page it tells you if it shipped or the estimated ship date
Dec 24, 2020
How stiff is the cable around the ears? Have had some issues with other IEMs where the around-ear portion is very stiff, looking for a pair where this is basically the same as the rest of the cable (very bendable and not rigid)
Dec 25, 2020
PatSlovakI have a similar issue with ear hooks too, and I find the L3's shrink wrap ear hooks are quite soft. More or less the same feeling as the rest of the cable, which is very supple and bendable. I can wear them the entire day without any discomfort.
PatSlovakFor a stock cable on a sub $200 IEM it's pretty good both build and comfort
Nov 4, 2020
Considering that this drop ships on Dec 7, might as well wait for 11.11 for a better deal elsewhere.
I got these IEMs (or should I say GEMs?) back in May, 131$ shipped to the EU in two weeks (will take longer now, as they're busy sending quite a few people the new Monarch and Clairvoyance tri-brids these days... Waiting for a pair!=). My sources are a 2020 iBasso DX160 and a FiiO M11 Pro for commuting, and still using the medium stock silicone tips, wired with the 4.4mm Linsoul LSC-08 cable I got here on Drop. Enough... Just wanted to tell you: I can not recommend these enough at the price they're at. Grab (i)'em!!!
Sep 8, 2020
Has anyone else had a problem with the earpieces falling off? I don't mean the eartips. Both earpieces fall off extremely easy. They will fall off when I just pick them up. I haven't heard of this happening to anybody else. If anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful.
Oct 4, 2020
MusicmaniacThe 2-pin connection is not the sturdiest or best-fitting. Although I haven't dropped my IEMs, my connectors somehow cracked and became a little loose. I think Linsoul should be able to replace/repair them though.
Dec 25, 2020
MusicmaniacI have other earphones with the same problem. I really hate the 2 pin connectors, so as an act of desperation, I used Loctite 243 (medium). That fix the problem. Warning: I have not tried to remove the cable, since I glued, so no sure how easy it will be to remove it.
Aug 22, 2020
It seems to be the norm that ALL Linsoul sourced items are delayed. That said Drop needs to have the items in hand before they are offered for sale. To the point now where linsoul's hand in anything is just an added frustration I just do not need in my life. The only reason I bought through Drop was return protection but now there is less than a coin flip chance that I ever receive the product. One thing is for sure Linsoul and drop are in the same camp when it comes to shipping using the cheapest source possible that appears to move items with 2 old mules on a cart with square wheels.
Oct 3, 2020
No, they canvas the amount of people wanting to buy then they order them.
Oct 11, 2020
Rowdy2026I understand what they currently do. I was suggesting what they should do to improve service. If you are going to cut corners to the point it takes 11 days to ship an order 140 miles then you need to improve elsewhere.
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