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Tin Audio T2 Pro IEM

Tin Audio T2 Pro IEM

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Product Description
The Tin Audio T2 Pro is a follow-up to the T2: one of the most popular sub-$50 IEMs on Massdrop. The original model delivered a next-to-unbeatable value for the price, with a balanced sound, wide soundstage, and accurate tuning inside a well-built metal housing Read More

Customer Reviews

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Oct 30, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
This is the second product I received from Massdrop after a pair of Hifiman HE4XX headphones. I wanted to buy the original Tin Audio T2 since I read online a bunch of great reviews about them, but when I was looking for the non-pro version I stepped upon the drop for the pro version. I bought the pros without even trying the standard ones looking for a neutral IEMs as the reviews said. Oh boy! Not only they are as neutral as the people said but also the sound that comes from them is very detailed and precise. I own a pair of TRN V80 and these are as detailed as those but much more neutral sounding. There is nothing along the frequency spectrum that is more enhanced than the rest. The only complain I might have about the T2 Pro is that, as some people say, the treble out of these might not be your taste since not everyone is used to bass-level high frequencies (I mean that these IEM have as much bass ass highs, without being v-shaped). These are the most expensive pair of IEMs I have ever tried, but I can say that compared to my HE4XX, these sound as good as them but a lot less spacious (I am comparing IEMs with full open-back headphones). The buid quality is pretty good and the MMCX connection looks solid. The cable is well designed and looks awesome. It came with lots of eartips, so no problem there. I highly recommend them if you are a casual listener and looking for something to carry around that has a good sound signature.
Jul 20, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Good Buds/Plugs For Anyone
In a world that gets annoyed with cords (mine), these are outstanding! From someone that has no musical skills thanks to private school teachers and students saying I sucked as a child...these sure help me hear that sound they said I couldn’t. Now in my few years of ownership, I’ve used sponge, silicone, even made some myself that fit in my ear perfectly. But I go back to the baby blue ones that came in the package. Now if I could find a Bluetooth cable that worked...I’d stop buying ear buds/plugs.🤷‍♂️ I paid more than $35, that’s a good price, and drop should run out of them so act fast. Put down your protest banners and logon to drop and get these plugs. ***I was not paid for any words I provide in reviews.***
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Oct 27, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Just got my T2 Pros a couple days ago and have listened for about 5 hours so far. I like these a lot for their price point. They are what I would call "Crispy". I think I just coined a new term for IEMs. By crispy I mean they have a crisp high frequency profile. The upper frequency range is emphasized in a thoughtful and pleasant way. The soundstage is good and the the midrange is present and clear. The bass is solid but maybe a little lean by some measures. It's present but not emphasized. Many folks might prefer a more enhanced bass region but I don't really miss it. If you like Beats or other bass heavy products you might want look elsewhere. I can compare these somewhat to the TRN V80s which sound quite similar but they have a more pronounced bass region which is very satisfying. These are leaner and more polite if that makes sense. You may have to experiment with the tip selections. I settled on medium black NewBee branded foam tips. They offered a little more comfort than the supplied blue foam tips. The silicon tips just didn't feel secure in my ears. The insertion depth may be key to which tips offer the best seal and bass response. The cable on these are nice but not exceptional. There are no noticeable microphonics and it is relatively light with tightly twisted (not braided) wires. The MMCX ends do not have over ear sleeves or memory wire so if you prefer to wear them in that way you will just lay the cord over your ears after insertion. I would have preferred molded sleeves for a more secure feel. As mentioned before I ended up using foam tips from elsewhere but the selection of silicon tips you receive in the box include a decent variety to choose from and you may find a pair that meets your needs. I won't say much about the packaging other than to say it was a nice quality package and maybe better than other products I have experienced in this price range. Overall I am pleased with T2 Pros and would definitely recommend them to anyone who likes an earphone with emphasis in the higher frequencies. I have not experienced the former T2 model so I can't really suggest whether an upgrade is warranted. Later Tater!
Oct 26, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
I just received my T2 Pro from last drop today afternoon. The soundstage is impressive. It's one of the best choice ~$50. Excellent instrumental expressions, but its soprano sounds a little bit far and sometimes being covered. Great design, but a little larger than expected. Better to have red and blue memory foam ear tips with it. The silver plated cooper cable is thin and soft, great portability. If you want to buy ear tips compatible with it, you need to have the ones with inner diameter ~5mm, otherwise they will cover the sound hole. (You can easily find suitable ones with multiple colors on eBay.) Here is the reason I give 3 stars:
  1. The blue memory foam ear tips coming with it are in good quality, firm and slow rebound, but their size seem like between normal medium and large. They're not comfortable for everyone. Plus, while inside the box, both ear tips were stick on the board behind. Then, one comes out slightly damaged.
  2. The inside box is damaged, looks like scratched when packing the outside box. It is not the key part but making me dissatisfied. If I'm purchasing a second-hand IEM, a damaged box is acceptable. Cause it's new, I want everything coming with it under perfect condition. Not overcritical, right?
  3. On the outside box, here you can see "MADE IN RPC". Where is RPC? PRC? I'm wondering who messed up their own country name, and I believe they're NOT diligent on their product. This is NOT funny.


Nov 21, 2018
Where are you going to buy them from? These are my first pair of actual IEMs, and my first experience with the foam tips. I love them! I just have no idea where to go for accessories yet.
Nov 22, 2018
JSuttiI tried the Campfire Marshmallows as suggested and they were nice. Can't tell to much a difference between them and the comply tips I got from Amazon.
Oct 29, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Has what seems to me like over-emphasized highs. Can be excessively sibilant. Hard snares like those in "Money for Nothing" can be painful. Excellent fit an finish at the price point. I'd like to see this kind of build quality combined with the sound profile of a pair of IEMs like the QKZ KD9. A few weeks later: I have been using these at work and they aren't too bad.
Dec 20, 2018
roby718Have u tried using comply foam tip, i found thoes significantly reduces the highs
Jul 20, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
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Mar 26, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Not going to give it 1 star, but like the other guy one esr bud has basically died on me after 6 months. I expect that occasionally from my disposable ones from Philip's, but it's sad that these seem like they are utilizing quality when they are doomed to fail as well. It also doesn't even seem like it's worth it to contact customer support. Oh well. I'll keep searching for a pair of buds that actually last. I loved the cord. I know that part would have lasted.
Dec 20, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
One of the earbuds stopped working after a little over a month of light use. It didn't fully stop working, but it's way quieter all the sudden than the other. It was fine the last time I used them, last night. Besides that, they were good while they lasted, the highs are shrill though. Can't complain except that they died so quickly. Update: Lowering rating to one star. Contacted customer support to try and replace it, they said they would; hurrah, right? No, It's been a month since they said they were shipping it and I have yet to receive it and they haven't responded to my emails since. I would have rather been told that they just couldn't replace it than this. Update 2: Finally got the replacements, tried a last ditch effort to try to get them replaced. They sound much louder than my first pair and less shrill (but still somewhat), overall a good choice. Rating increased to 4
Dec 16, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
The item appear to be in great quality. Very solid sound when using the foam tips. Wish there is a cable I can find that has a mic.
Oct 28, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Knocked off a star for comfort and aesthetics. Would be five stars for sound and value alone. They have better soundstage and openness than I expected in this price range. Trying really hard to like these but fit and finish are probably going to be deal-breaker for me. Difficult to get a good seal. They have fairly large nozzle that limits depth of insertion. Heavy metal casing does not sit naturally in the ear like other designs. I don't care for foam tips (too fussy) and the silicone tips get uncomfortable fairly quick. Construction is good but they don't have a quality look. These are only my second IEM after the EDC3. T2 win for clarity and soundstage. EDC3 win for comfort and aesthetics. I can wear EDC3 for hours without any discomfort. Sadly, the T2 is not looking like a keeper.
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