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Tin Audio T2 Pro IEM

Tin Audio T2 Pro IEM

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Product Description
The Tin Audio T2 Pro is a follow-up to the T2: one of the most popular sub-$50 IEMs on Massdrop. The original model delivered a next-to-unbeatable value for the price, with a balanced sound, wide soundstage, and accurate tuning inside a well-built metal housing Read More

Nov 18, 2020
after a year, my right monitor got quieter. did change it to other side, and use different devices. it isn't the cable but the monitor for sure. is there a replacement for only right monitor? i really like this earphone and want to continue to use it if it's possible
Sep 24, 2019
I'm seeing some conflicting reports of people buying replacement mmcx cables and bluetooth adapters and saying they're not fitting the T2s. But I see others saying they've swapped the cables successfully. Anyone care to weigh in? Also my ship date is 10/17. I think I was one of the last to grab these on this cycle.
Jan 19, 2019
The best IEM's I've tried so far, but as of today the left monitor is playing at a lower volume than the right one. It's a shame. Fortunately I bought a second pair the last time they were selling here on Massdrop, so I'm hoping for the best, but planning for the worst. (I'm not really an audiophile, so my "word-bank" isn't as great as most of those who comment here).
Dec 8, 2018
So I got the Tin Audio T2 Pro, and for about a week, I was really enthused about them. Then the right ear monitor started to get staticky and then was cutting out. It’s the monitor, because it does the same thing with any replacement cable. Very disappointing, as I was really enjoying the timbre and clarity of these IEM’s. So now I have a right ear monitor that needs replacing. What do I need to do to get these replaced?
Nov 16, 2018
I got these a while ago and they are phenomenal. I still cannot believe how much I like them, I tend to stay away from cheap hifi but the reviews for the T2 were intriguing. Changed the cable to the preformed Tenmak MMCX w/ mic, and got red / blue foam tips, with these small changes they are very pretty and comfortable. Almost analytical sound signature which matches my preferences. Could not be more pleased.
Nov 6, 2018
My T2 Pro's arrived recently, and yes as all the reviews say, they have a large amount of high frequencies. However, these headphones are not sibilant, the high frequency boost is not in the painful range, its a more pleasant simmering of cymbals frequency, the boost being around 10-12khz. this boost adds texture to vocals and guitars, punch to kicks and snares, and overall sparkle. The sound stage is very broad surprises me with its openness for a pair of IEMS, although it doesn't stand up to a good pair of over ears. The bass is not for bass heads, the highs highlighting smooth mids and an overall flat response minus the apparent high boost. The bass however is clean and has a good amount of extension. The different ear tips are a nice touch to the purchase, I think I have oddly shaped ears, and (including foams) fit the smalls of the large, medium, and small hole sized ear tips. The T2 pros having metal housings aren't the lightest of IEM's, and they aren't the comfiest, but I can wear them comfortably for a day (on and off). They protrude slightly from your ears, so you wont be able to sleep with them on. In my opinion the foams and large holed ear tips are the best sounding. The reason for this is because they both have large openings, and allow all the transients from the drivers to be let through. having the smaller openings reduces some high frequencies but also reduces the sound stage by a similar amount and to be honest, I quite having a big sound stage. the bass also increases slightly, but intrudes on the low mids which is not good. With the large holed ear tips or foams in, the separation between instruments is pretty good. allowing for different details through mainly due to that high frequency boost. The build quality of the ear pieces is very good: they are solid in the hand and have metal housings. The cable is very flexible and solid as well, although it is more consistent with the feeling of a rope than an electricity cable which means they tangle fairly easy. The connector on the end of the cable is also very solid... and heavy which makes it slightly annoying, but its not a huge hindrance to daily use. Overall, these headphones have a solid build quality, fairly good build quality and comfort, and a sparkly, crunchy sound signature with a wide sound stage and great clarity.
Nov 1, 2018
I just received my T2 Pro's a few days ago. I'm currently using it with the blue foams running off a series of test via Spotify, android player, laptop, various amps. I noticed that many had indicated the lack of bass on both the T2 and T2 pro. Just like the T2, i tried a trick which i stumbled upon previously. If you look closely at the foams and your unit, you should see there is some space between them and there is a hole(vent), you can actually push the foams all the way in to close up that gap (and also the hole/vent) which would bring up the low ends by quite a fair bit (if the fit is good), however, the earphones become a fair bit more sibilant as well. Here are some pictures before and after to illustrate my point (After closing the gap)
(Before closing the gap, "stock position")
Give it a try!
My thoughts on the T2 Pro. Really nice earphone and worth checking out, but I don't think the tuning adjustments over the original were necessary.

Oct 28, 2018
Just arrived today. After a quick listen it would seem like the entire bandwidth is shifted up. The highs are "crispy" and sub bass have less emphasis. Depending on the material and instruments highs there is some siblance. As for fit I found that reversing left and drivers and wearing them in down position forms a secure fit. I am going to give it some burn in time and then submit my review.
Oct 28, 2018
hchanrnSorry everyone...scratch all my comments about the sound characteristics. I just realized that my hearing has been screwed up....been battling flu for past few days. Congested sinuses and probably have crap up the eustachain tubes. I noticed something odd with all my gear when I was doing a quick comparison with the t2 pro's with the rest of my gear. I know how my gear all sounds....just came to an epiphany that my ears are all jacked up right now and nothing sounds right...LOL!!
Oct 28, 2018
hchanrnHope your ears recover and enjoy the music soon !!! Please do re-review once you recover from flu :) I'm waiting for my shipment, drop is just confirmed.
Oct 27, 2018
I have the standard T2's and LOVE 'em. I am however curious whether anyone knows of a cable for these that has a built-in loop for hooking them on the ear (not sure what you'd call the 'loop'), I'm thinking more like on the Trn IEMs where the part near where the cable meets the housing, it's a bit of stiffer casing that's bent into a slight loop. Hoping not to spend too much either... Otherwise I'll just stick with the provided cable or create my own solution for it
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