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Topping DX3 Pro+ Bluetooth 5.0 Amp

Topping DX3 Pro+ Bluetooth 5.0 Amp

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Product Description
Topping’s DX3 Pro is a classic choice for those who want a compact, desktop DAC/amp with excellent performance—and now, the DX3 Pro+ that brings a whole new modern feature set to the party. Now with an ESS ES9038Q2M DAC chi—as well as Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity via a Qualcomm QCC5125 chip—this unit is ready to stream audio without the need for wires Read More

Customer Reviews

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Starting Amp/Dac + Surprisingly Convenient Bonus Feature
Getting into the audiophile hobby is hard enough when considering the sheer amount of headphones to consider. Do you go open or closed? Dynamic or planar magnetic? Do you gamble on new releases or stick with the tried and true? The list can go on and on, and things get more complicated when you start to hear about pads, cables, solid-state amps, tube amps, dacs, amp/dacs, eq units, and so on. The DX3 Pro+ has been recommended by numerous reviewers as a perfect entry-level unit that provides superior quality per dollar before hitting diminishing returns, so I decided that this was a fair place to start, especially with the amp/dac combo and the ~$110 price tag. From a subjective sound quality pov, using these with the HD600s seems to open up the space just a smidge and add a touch of clarity, but it mainly provides a significant amount of control over volume compared to plugging into pre-2022 Macbooks. NOTABLY, the most surprising redeeming quality is less so the sound-related features, but the practical ability to easily swap between Bluetooth and USB inputs with the remote. When using my Bose QC45s, toggling between audio sources is a painful and long process. You're waiting for the headphones to turn on, connect, and start playing audio, but then you realize they're prioritizing audio from your mobile device when you really wanted to use it to listen to audio from your personal laptop. Then, you either have to close applications on mobile and start laptop audio, manually swap connections through the app, or turn off mobile BT connection to prevent further source swapping between YT videos and Netflix episodes. It's a pain. On other wired headphones, the manual reach around to unplug-replug with the right adapter/untangle wire situation isn't pleasant either. HOWEVER, with the DX3 Pro+, I can have headphones of better audio quality plugged in, dedicate BT to personal computer, USB to the work computer, and adjust volume to let mobile audio seep through my open back headphones. (Or have mobile connect to BT and only one of the laptops connected via USB).
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Oct 27, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
My first dac / amp and I hit gold!
I am a noob to hi fi but this amp driving my first headphones (drop hd6xx’s) sounds amazing to me. I’m feeding it over optical from a WiiM mini and it sounds awesome from Apple Music over AirPlay.
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Nov 13, 2022
lkibblerWelcome to the world of deminishing returns and creative justification for a purchase.
Oct 26, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Good compact dac/amp for your desk
Works well with aeon X closed and doesn't take up much space on my desk. I had one free plug so I needed a combo unit. I'm glad I got the newer plus version of this because I don't think the old one would drive the aeon x well. Haven't tried my Senn 650 on it since I just need closed headphoones for work.
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