Topping DX7s Balanced DAC/Amp
Topping DX7s Balanced DAC/Amp
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It’s not often that a fully balanced DAC/amp comes along at a price like this. The Topping DX7s improves upon the well-regarded DX7 by taking both the DAC and headphone amp sections up a notch Read More

Oct 21, 2020
Anyone know if another Drop for this is coming anytime soon? If not any suggestions on something equivalent at Drop that I can get?
Oct 2, 2020
Sharing a bit of a situation I ran into. As we know, the DAC part of the unit doesn't include bluetooth like the DX7 Pro. The bluetooth is vital when your USB is occupied and the rest of the inputs aren't applicable (my Mac for example, doesn't have Toslink). I found a way to solve this issue, without having to pay the huge difference to the pro model, without skimping on bluetooth quality and without resorting to a bulky USB switch box. Ugreen has this bluetooth receiver, which uses the exact same Qualcomm chip (CSR8675) the pro model does, and it connects to the DAC via Toslink: It comes with free 4 cables and no power supply, you simply connect a micro USB cable and you are done.
Aug 8, 2020
What is the shipping date for this guy? Tomorrow? If so can i still place my order tomorrow or is this a limited number of units??
How often does this pop up here? I you can get it for $399 elsewhere but $50 is $50. Can any Canadians speak to whether you paid taxes when this landed?
Aug 1, 2020
Will this output to XLR and RCA at the same time, so I can send the XLR to a speaker amp and the RCA to a powered subwoofer? Thanks!
Jun 13, 2020
Sometimes my DX7S's USB port will stop work for a few days, then just start working again, is there a known issue with USB?
Sep 12, 2020
Email them.
Sep 14, 2020
I also sometimes have this issue on DX3 pro, when I switch on/off some other appliances. To me it seems to be a combination of usb port/cable issue and the current fluctuation.
May 16, 2020
Anyone knows if this is normal (yellow sign near device name)? it's working fine, but it shouldn't be like that. I reinstalled the driver a few times in attempt to mitigate this, but no luck.

Apr 27, 2020
Sorry men but I connected my Little Dot Mk2 amplifier to HeadPhone RCA unbalanced output because I already use the line-out RCA with 2 active speakers. Is it correct or is better to use RCA splitter over Line-Out RCA unbalanced of my topping? But also with this setup the headphone listening it's gorgeous .... it sounds fantastic with my Beyer770 @ 80 OHM
Apr 28, 2020
Thanks for your answer muggy but not I connect my Little DOT Mk2 to the unbalanced headphone output of my Topping DX7s with this cable: .... Is it good?
Apr 28, 2020
It's not optimal, as you want the steady higher voltage output from the rear going to the Little Dot. Otherwise, you are using quite a bit of gain on the Little Dot, which can add to noise/distortion/clipping. Obviously, you have to make more of a choice now that you have two devices you want to connect. If your speakers have XLR input, this could work as the DX7s outputs to both the XLR and RCA at the same time. This decision is up to you, I suppose if you really like how it sounds now and don't notice much difference when using the RCA out to your Little Dot, you can if you like.
Apr 24, 2020
That's a lot of money for an amp that can't handle under 16 ohms according to its own specs. Or over 300... though really only low ohm cans need a beefy amp and I've only heard of two that needed one at that. high ohm ones draw very little power and an amp will only increase max volume. Ah, the "joy" of audiophoolery and blindly listening to marketing pitches...
Apr 23, 2020
Already got this long ago. Really wish for the newer DX7 Pro and/or D90!
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Oct 31, 2020