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Jul 24, 2015
So, since these will likely get some attention, and I've owned them, I'd be happy to share a bit.
Looks: These things look awesome. Like super-cool future tech I love wearing these, awesome.
Sound: Mine were rather warm. There was a noticeable low end which would bleed over into the mid range. The mid range itself had nice clarity amd sounded fine. Nothing to write home about, but also not bad by any stretch. I have the same thing to say about the highs. Comparing to the T1s, the T1s had far less veil but also less accuracy and detail retrieval. These have quite competent detail and sound reproduction. Aside from the warm low end, the other ranges leaned more to the cold sounding side. Interesting blend.
Staging: It's not big. I never had problems though and things sounded fine, but the soundstage was rather small. Imaging was decent considering the size, but mostly the related staging effects were not stupendous
Comfort: I liked the fit, though adding pressure may push a sharp end into your ear. Cable comfort is nice.
Build: So, here mine broke after a few months. The cable snapped at the connection to the body. The body itself is sturdy, but the cable is frail, and sure enough mine broke there.
At ~$85 shipped it's not a bad deal. I probably would not go for it again after my experiences. but they are decent 3 driver sound at sub-$100 price range.
Jul 24, 2015
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