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Turbulent Labs Grado & Beyerdynamic Headbands

Turbulent Labs Grado & Beyerdynamic Headbands

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Product Description
From Turbulent Labs, these headbands are precision cut from black Italian leather, skillfully constructed, and sewn together using polyester filament threads on Japanese industrial sewing machines. Along with bringing a cool new look to your headphones, they promise lasting durability, and the high-density foam padding offers unparalleled comfort Read More

Customer Reviews

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Quality leather and fit.
These headbands are a bit on the pricier side of course but they're worth the price you pay. The leather is of high quality and very durable (close to three years old for my oft-worn headband without wearing down), plus it really is tailor-made for the Beyerdynamic DT series (fits my DT990 600 Ohm like a glove). If you have a favorite pair of Beyer DT's that you'll be keeping for a long time, this is the headband you'll want for them!
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May 12, 2022
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Almost ridiculous how essential these are to grado headphones.
When I got my Grados I was not happy with the thing plastic strip covering the headband, almost kept me away from using them alltogether. These made that pair FAR more comfortable.
Mar 22, 2022
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Wonderful leather
I have had the headband for a while now and it still looks and works great
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Jan 18, 2022
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Quality, Stylish, and Comfortable upgrades to Grado Prestige
As other reviewers have suggested, the "legendary" Grado fit & finish leaves much to be desired for many (including myself) who absolutely love the way many of their products sound. This headband is a very welcome upgrade that significantly boosts appearance, comfort and fit - as for the quality - stitching is excellent, flawless hide, and supple head padding all lend to a very nice looking and feeling piece of leatherwork. I opted for the coffee colour on my SR80e to set off the otherwise black plastic ocean, and love the result. The installation process may look frightening to many but it's straightforward and well worth the experience. My only issue? I'd love to upgrade the headband on my Beyerdynamic DT880 Editions, but as those headphones *barely* clear my gargantuan head on the stock headband, I fear replacing it with a more thickly padded one will render their fit unwearable for me.
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Oct 28, 2021
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Perfect upgrade for my Grado 80e
The materials are sturdy and well put together. After a little trial and error I was able to get the headband to push all the way through. Be patient or you'll end up with a gouged band or bent metal on the Grado band. But after the effort, the fit and comfort over the stock band are great. It also added some much needed style to my headphones.
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Sep 9, 2021
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Nice and Wide
Looks great on my Grado Hemps!
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Aug 26, 2021
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Very well made and comfy
This headband made a world of difference when wearing my GRADO. Highly recommended.

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Aug 11, 2021
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Good quality item
Have an old pair of 10 year old DT880's. The replacement of the headband was a necessity at this point. Went for orange to compliment the blue of the cups, looks retro and I love it. This item is not made for the DT880's, but it works well enough.
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Aug 7, 2021
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Decent Piece, Didn't Quite Work for My Use Case
The construction is of good quality and it looks good. It is a bit stiff starting out but it gets better. I got these for my Pandas hoping to make up for the complete lack of padding. It's a tight fit but it will go over the band. Unfortunately it is simply too thick and causes the cups to pull my ears up. No rest for my Panda-sore head I guess. I really do regret those headphones...
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Jul 20, 2021
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Very study, kinda hard but with a bit of wear gets softer and comfier.
It was kinda hard to get on my DT1990, tho that was to be expected since it wasn't mentioned as supported, tho i did get it on and it feels really nice after a bit of time.
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