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Ultrasone HFI‑450 Headphones

Ultrasone HFI‑450 Headphones

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Product Description
Ideal for office and studio use, the Ultrasone HFI-450 headphones feature a lightweight, folding design that makes them equally suited for listening on the go. The oval-shaped cups and soft padding keep you comfortable, while the closed-back design blocks outside noise just as well as some of the company’s pricier offerings Read More

May 3, 2017
Can I dj with these?
May 2, 2017
Hi everyone! We've been looking into potentially dropping more Ultrasone headphones. Are there any others you would particularly like to see?
May 5, 2017
Matt.THFI 580 and above Pro line for sure. I listened to the 750s ages ago, and I remember them giving my DT770 a run for their money with the bass dept, with better portability/fold-able. I wouldn't mind grabbing them again. Haven't heard any of the Performance line, but would pick one up to try, judging by the reviews.
I think the problem with this headphone (it seems great for the price) is that there's a lot of China brand/off brand alternatives compared to a few years ago, with (likely) a better sound to boot, if not the same (speculation on my part).
May 6, 2017
Matt.TI own a lot of Ultrasone headphones. I think the Pro900/i, SigDJ (if possible to drop), and higher end models like the new upcoming Signature Studio would be really popular here. I am not sure if Ultrasone would allow the price changes due to them controlling their tight inventory, but if you can do it, it'd be great!
May 1, 2017
Who's got a rundown on these cans? Read a few reviews and the price seems really good for the quality, but the do seem to have some flaws. I'm looking for a pair of cans for work/commute to listen to electronic music - not looking for 100% accurate reproduction but would like a pleasing sound. Think these would fit the bill?
May 1, 2017
flumpisSennheiser HD598C
May 2, 2017
flumpisThe headphone from this brand is pretty different about the sound stage. I own plenty of them. HFI-450 is some very basic model, of which the sound is good but not too accurate to its brothers. It is bass heavy also.
Again, do try before you buy it.
May 1, 2017
Would you have the higher models?
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