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xDuoo Link2 DAC/Amp

xDuoo Link2 DAC/Amp

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Product Description
Taking your amp and DAC on the go hasn’t always been feasible—but with the Link2 from xDuoo, it’s easier than ever. Leading the charge on micro-products for audiophiles, the Link2 weighs less than a AA battery and measures just 2.4 inches long Read More

Customer Reviews

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May 17, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Went bad after warranty ran out but used very little.
Bought this to use with my laptop and very happy with the sound. Bass boost is nice but the other switch that I believe is a spatial enhancer is very subtle to me. It doesn't seem to have much impact. the build quality is good and it feels solid in the hand. I have not used it but with fairly efficient IEMs so I can't speak to whether it will drive larger over ear headphones. I'm sure it will be fine with most that are designed for portable use with lower impedance ratings. Good value. Edit: Follow Up after about 12 months. The unit is making awful static. Tried several sources and same results. Likely caused damage to one of my sets of earphones. I had used it very seldom over the course of a year but when I needed it recently it just made terrible loud static. tried rebooting laptop and then tried on 2 other desktop systems and got same results. Its going in the trash.
checkVerified Buyer
It's a good product, but it stops sometimes.
It could be a problem with my product defect.
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