xDuoo MT-602 Tube Hybrid Headphone Amplifier

xDuoo MT-602 Tube Hybrid Headphone Amplifier

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Tube versus transistor: it’s an age-old amplifier matchup, with the winner often coming down to preference. When you can’t decide, xDuoo’s MT-602 headphone amp settles the score by bringing you both Read More

Jun 2, 2021
I have both Schiit Vali2 and XDuoo MT-602. Not a scientific review but I am sure people would wondering how these two compares. Vali2 pros : * 2 gain stages. Easier to match IEMs * larger, easiest to find, cheaper tube. No need to match it. * warmer, more realistic, wider sound stage * better performance as a preamp * glowing orange light is brighter, prettier * no pop sound when turns on or off * much better circuit design * much better linear power supply * more clarity cons : * more expensive * not as good volume knob MT-602 pros : * two tubes? (Some people probably care more?) * its V curve. Boost more on treble and bass * a bit sharper * 2 sizes of headphone output * great, huge volume knob * only $99 save nearly $50 cons : * crappy power supply. Clearly not as good, less power output too! * Lacks of clarity than Vali2. Sounds more digital, let mid-low frequencies somewhat muddy. * anything from your finger nail tapping or wire goes through the metal box, it creates echo from the tubes you can hear the “ring” sound. Especially you are not turning it on. Vali2 has no such issue * Crappy as a preamp. Nearly doesn’t add much to sound quality * only 1 gain stage! Use IEMs would be too loud. Need to tam down the volume from the source for the compact size and price I would highly recommend people to get it. However if you have Vali2 then you don’t need to stop wondering. It’s not better. tested with class d power amp and nice speakers. Headphones from Shure, dre iem to Sony, audio technica

Jul 11, 2021
Thanks this helps alot!
Mar 11, 2021
I purchased a Darkvoice. Now, I understand Tube Amps. Prior to this it was just SS with a glowing tube, I THINK. But the Darkvoice is a real, albeit maybe not audiophile quality, real live Tube Amp. Ive switched some tubes ala Tube Rollin' and can actually hear the differences in tonality and soundstage width. With the SS and Tube amps, nothing changed.
Mar 9, 2021
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Mar 8, 2021
according to the discussing , I got an APJ with tube output transformer.
Mar 8, 2021
Same price (and sometimes cheaper) on Amazon. What's with Drop lately? These "drops" are pointless.
Aug 27, 2021
Take this moment to reflect on how few people on this planet care about you. Your posts have been hidden, but I'm sure you're used to it by now.
Aug 28, 2021
Lol..what? Care to provide some context to my hidden posts or even an example? Are you ok?
Mar 8, 2021
Any comparison between this and the loxjie p20?
Mar 27, 2021
Though I noted comments on the Loxjie, I haven't seen any direct comparisons. So here's mine. I've had the Loxjie P20 for about a year. I've tube rolled between the stock, GE JAN's and settled on a pair of Voshkods as my favorite. I have an FX Audio pre-amp, that really didn't add any tube character with 6J1 tubes. I bought this XDUOO MT-602 hoping to add the flexibility of a more powerful headphone amp. That was a big success for me. I first bought the Loxjie because I was enamored by balanced connections. The Loxjie is a nice amp, but never blew me away. If I had it to do over, I'd just buy the XDUOO MT-602. Clearer sound for me, more power, and a preamp option that actually makes a subtle tube difference. I spent the last couple of weeks running comparisons by connecting both to my Sabaj D5 - and running them at the same time. The Loxjie connected by XLR and the XDUOO by RCA. The only other potential unfairness is I'm powering the XDUOO with a linear power supply, and the Loxjie with a battery. I'm just going to compare the headphone out of the XDUOO and the XLR out of the Loxjie - since the single ended port of the P20 is just weak. Power - The XDUOO provides much more power. At work - I'd max out the P20 using sensitive IEM's and my IFI IEMATCH set to ultra. I repeated that test with my modded Monoprice M1060C's and using the IEMATCH on Ultra. Maxing out the P20 - I could hear comfortably, but that's it. On the XDUOO by comparison, I was at 3 o'clock, where I could listen at borderline painful volume. There was still substantial headroom. Sound - The XDUOO was much clearer than the P20 through the mids and highs, though the bass was very similar. I'm using Mullards in the XDUOO - which are supposed to be a warm tube, but the treble is more extended on the XDUOO. That may be a negative for some. Soundstage is very similar. But the resolution and speed on my M1060C's sounds like a big improvement. I'm picking up microdetail I didn't expect out of these headphones. I suspect that though they're easy to drive, they enjoy the extra power. Preamp - Don't buy this amp JUST as a preamp. The difference is very subtle, but it's there. I installed a switch in my system so I could go straight from the DAC, or through the XDUOO immediately - in the middle of the song. Don't expect a lot of tubey goodness, but there is a general warmth and fullness improvement. With my old FX Audio preamp (just a tube buffer really) I sensed practically zero difference. I don't think I need to pursue tube character further. I've been using this as a preamp for my Electrostatic headphones, fed by a Stax SRM 717. Overall - I'm happy with this purchase.

Oct 14, 2021
A bit off track but how do you compare p20 against thx 789?
Mar 2, 2021
Which one is better, the MT-602 or the XDuoo TA-05? Looking to pair it with planars
Feb 1, 2021
I have the Schiit stack, Modi2, Magni3 & Loki. I haven’t got a lot of time with it so nothing significant to report but my initial impression using 5xx, D90 and MT-602 as follows. It’s surprisingly clean and clear. Comfortable listening with volume knob at 8 o’clock. Not as transparent and detailed as the A90 but decent enough for the money. The modi and magni has a vail that I do not like. The D90 & MT-602 is warmer and cleaner than my Schiit stack. I do not have experience with the Schiit Vali (s) so I can not comment there. I will report back when I have a better break in period. Also I got a set of GE JAN tubes from Amazon that I like to try out. This is a hybrid tune amp and it’s also my first experience with any tubes amps so I would take what I say with a grain of salt. But over all, I think it’s cheap, cheerful and worth considering.
Sujay Rao
Mar 8, 2021
Try the Loxjie P20. Bit more expensive but really sweet even with the stock tubes.
Mar 11, 2021
“If you want tubey holographic reverb goodness; you may want to look elsewhere...” You mean like amp?
Jan 30, 2021
I’m currently using the SDAC into the iFi itube 2 into the THX 789 that feeds HD660s. Makes vocals sound more alive and real in my opinion.
Jan 29, 2021
Is it true that Xduoo is making a TA-35? I haven't been able to find anything on it
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