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RME ADI-2 Pro FS R AD/DA Converter (Black Edition)

RME ADI-2 Pro FS R AD/DA Converter (Black Edition)

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Product Description
An updated version of RME’s ADI-2 AD/DA converter, the ADI-2 Pro FS R Black Edition takes conversion and connectivity to new levels. Handling analog-to-digital conversion, two servo-balanced inputs on combo XLR / TRS jacks run through RME’s redesigned analog circuit, capturing audio with exceptional clarity and making the ADI-2 Pro a formidable recording tool Read More

Sep 4, 2021
How much was it here for?
Mar 10, 2021
Just wondering why this wouldn't be purchased from a pro audio retailer at the same price. Rewards Points? You can get this in less than a week from various retailers. RME specializes in this area. Their word clocks and DA/AD converters are often found in pro recording studios and they are highly regarded by audio engineers.
Wait, why is DROP offering the PRO version for the ADI-2, instead of the 1000 USD cheaper regular FS. Isn't drop supposed to have things on 'cheaper' drops? I know this is the 'PRO' but that is highly missleading for the PRO and the regular ADI 2 are the same internals pretty much, but this one has ballanced output (other than the XLR for an external AMP). Don't be fooled folks.
vinicius.dallacquaThis includes a high quality ADC stage as well, there is the FS, the FS R Pro and the DAC FS... if you don't need/want an analog to digital stage save the money and buy just the DAC version. The DAC portion is very similar across lines, but the complete lack of an ADC stage in the DAC version is the big factor in price difference.
ElectronicVicesThanks for adding that bit of info. I agree with what you said.
Mar 5, 2021
Not quite sure what this would do in (and for) my setup but part of me wants it. LOL. Good thing it's at a "know what you're doing" price.
Mar 9, 2021
yyshBasically, it would give you a DAC that is transparent beyond what human ears can detect in even the absolute best-case scenario, an ADC that also has outstanding performance, and a damn good headphone amp. It also has some built-in DSP that you can use for things like correcting the frequency response of your headphones or speakers.
Mar 3, 2022
yysh"know what you're doing" price. Hah. Never read that before. That's really funny! 😁👍
Mar 5, 2021
First thing, this isin't that great value device. The sound is unnatural and too flat. There are a lot of unnecessary background sounds, alien to music. The highs are extended to an idiotic level. There is no midrange. Bass is very hard. No music, only analisys. If that's not enough, you won't get TotalMix, which would be best part of this device... All that options are very difficult to operate from device interface. No access from aplication interface...
Mar 19, 2021
Do you know what direct comparison is ?
Sep 2, 2021
Adorniguys how much was this sold here again?
Mar 5, 2021
A lot more expensive here
Mar 5, 2021
Mar 8, 2021
Not worth it considering it doesn't come with a warranty from Drop..
Mar 5, 2021
DROP -- Instead of keep offering $2,000 DACs and headphones, how about you start focusing on 2-channel audiophile gear such as amps, preamps and speakers? There is only so many headphones and dacs someone can have.
pantagAre you sure we are visiting the same site???
Mar 5, 2021
Why is this 400 euros more expensive than usual ?? This aint a deal
Mar 5, 2021
dubsubsThis is retail pricing, perhaps you’re thinking of a different version of the Pro?
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