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Audio-Technica A1000Z Headphones

Audio-Technica A1000Z Headphones

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Product Description
The next in Audio-Technica’s series of highly regarded closed-back headphones, the ATH-A1000Z is Art Monitors “all-around excellent.” It features hand-assembled 53-millimeter dynamic drivers fitted with OFC-7N bobbin-wound voice coils for efficient signal transmission, a pure iron yoke for top-notch transient response, and a top-mounted PCB for smoother airflow and precise diaphragm movement. The company’s Double Air Damping System makes for deep, natural-sounding bass reproduction, while the stitched ergonomic ear pads provide further bass extension, outstanding sound isolation, and unmatched comfort Read More

Customer Reviews

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Feb 19, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Mixed on built quality, dislike the sound
For the most part the build quality seems to be very good, but it is odd that the pads for the AD1000X do not fit these as they are a slightly smaller diameter and they fit lose on these. The band seems very nice across the top, but the wings sit nearly against them on my head, whereas on the AD1000X it seems to have more room, maybe due to a different tension on the top strap? Overall these are very sensative and do not seem to need any additional amplification, but I do not like the quality of the sound. There is nothing special about these compared to a lot of other headphones in this price range. You can get more detail from other headphones and there is hardly any bass. I prefer the DT770 as a closed back alternative. Even the AD1000X seems to be more dynamic and has more low end. The A1000Z always seemed to sound veiled and lacked quality compared to others in this price range (HE400i, HD6xx, DT880 etc.). I had pretty high expectations for these and they were quite the let down.
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Apr 28, 2021
sacredsunderHow strange, My pair has much more bass than my AD900X , AD2000X... Do you got them from drop? I found 1000z to highly improve bass dynamics with good dacs.
Jun 17, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
They sound fantastic. Better than my demon ah-d2000’s. And at $250 they were a steal!
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May 29, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Excellent at $250
I'm not much on audiophile but I own sennheiser momentums and a 15ish year old pair of ath a900s. The most immediate difference to those really old ATH A series headphones is these are much lighter and smaller. The clamp force is much stronger, I get a much better seal. They changed the design to include no swivel up and down on the cups. It fits me well and seals, better for me, but I've heard that some people have issues because the fixed angle isn't right for them and it leaves room in the area above the ear. Luckily my head is fat enough. My ath a900's have brainwavz xl pads on them since the old ones wore out long ago, and I honestly don't remember how the stock ones sounded. With the better seal, I think the ath a1000z is immediately the more "right" sounding headphone, as that seal is pretty important for closed back headphones. It's more in your face, there's more isolation. Other than seal, the biggest difference so far is the bass is much tighter and less fat sounding in the a1000z, but the tuning seems to be reasonably close to the a900's. The a1000z is less sibilant, but both are still known to be a little bit sibilant if you listen to meh recordings. I've only listened to a few pop tracks so far so I'm only really picking out the super obvious stuff. For gaming, the a900's light seal lead to some confusing imaging issues sometimes, so in that respect, the a1000z is much better. One downside is the cable is kind of crappy. The ath a900's did not have removable cables, but they were thick and braided. The cables on the a1000z are not as premium feeling. I think ATH makes quality products; this one is made in japan, and considering how long the a900's lasted me, I'm hoping these will be similarly well built.
Apr 30, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Needs a Tube Amp
Great Headphones but definitely on the bright side. Finding a good Dac and a Tube Amp will solve all issues.
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Aug 9, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Exceptional closed backs, no detachable wire is probably their only flaw. They are truly beautiful. Exceptionally clear. This is my 2nd pair of headphones with titanium drivers and I absolutely love the fun bright sound signature.
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