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Audio-Technica ATH-CKR100IS IEM

Audio-Technica ATH-CKR100IS IEM

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Product Description
If an ultra-precise audio experience is what you’re after, the Audio-Technica ATH-CKR100IS IEMs are sure to please. Their unique dual-phase push-pull system works like this: two facing 13-millimeter drivers generate phase-aligned audio signals, which are then mixed to compensate for each driver’s inefficiencies Read More

Customer Reviews

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Jun 20, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Good Option
The ATH-CKR100IS sounds good out of the box. The bass is slightly accentuated and the push-pull drivers allow the IEMs to rumble in your ears. The tuning is neither too bassy as with most mainstream IEMs and also has a nicely tuned treble that can satisfy those that are looking for a Harman tuning. The detail retrieval is decent but is not at the level of similar priced dynamic driver IEMs like the Sennheiser IE 40 Pro or the Moondrop Kanas Pro / KXXS. The IEM is also a bit bulky and I had trouble keeping it in position with my favourite tips and eventually settled on Final E / SpinFit tips. The IEM also comes with a decent mic attached which makes it convenient when using this with your phone.
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Apr 26, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Simply amazing. One of the best in-ear headphones I've ever got. Sound has more thickness than Elecom SH1000 (which is crisp and vivid); sound separation is better than Yamaha EPH200 (which is quite neutral); clarity is higher than Final E4000 (which is forgiving and engaging); connection between treble & mids & bass is much smoother than Sony N3AP (which is quite enegetic). It is a whole other step forward from its older series CKR9/10. Would highly recommend.
Apr 23, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
The ATH-CKR100IS is a very good sounding IEM with a familiar Audio-Technica's sound coloration. The overall sound can be described as clean and articulate with exceptional sound image and soundstage for an IEM. The sound signature feels overall balanced with some boosts in the upper-mids to lower-high frequencies, which makes certain vocals sound magical; on the other hand, some might get a bit ear fatigue with long listening sessions if sensitive to highs. The bass is fast with adequate decay, sub-bass is excellent, lower mids are a bit recessed.  I feel the biggest con of the ATH-CKR100IS is the lack of isolation to outside noises. This is definitely a problem as it defeats the purpose of an IEM. Due to the design, the earpiece shell itself provides very minimal isolation, so the separation effect to outside noises mainly relies on the eartips; however, the included eartips are either too small or too big for my ears (similar issue with my IM02). I tried a couple of different tips and found the Comply tips improve the isolation dramatically and to be the best match of the CKR100IS. The overall performance of the CKR100IS is excellent and exceeds my expectation for the price I paid. It deserves a solid 5 star.  My review is based on my Sony WM1A balanced output with Plussound X Series custom cable. 
Mar 31, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Fake. 1) Faded and blurry print. Authentic ATH product images on the packaging have shiney sheen that looks like it’s coming off of the box. This is hard to show in pictures but very clear if you hold 2 side by side in varying light.
2) Thin, light, cheap cardboard. Genuine ATH packaging use a thicker, 2-ply cardboard. This fake one that Massdrop sold is of wrong weight, thickness, and quality.
3) Manufacture date sticker - should be rounded corner, not sharp corners. Barcode UPC sticker should be shiney - not a plain cheaply printed one.
4) L/R print should be bright and clear, as on my CKR10. On these fakes they look faded (again easy to tell if you compare to genuine products)
5) Many other little things, such as cable material, cable relief material, microphone control cutout is wrong depth, etc. too many to list. Avoid purchasing anything expensive and rare from Massdrop.
Recent Activity
Sorry for the late input, have been busy using these Absolutely superb sounding iems, audiostage is so good that I often forget I'm wearing iems at all... only complaints I have is that theres some microphonics (not sure if the right term for the clicking sound I'm hearing from the right driver) when moving around, have to see if the exchange cable I bought for just in case the stock cable breaks (which it did sadly today, left channel went out) fixes that problem. I truly have enjoyed these iems alot, they have been in almost daily use some 8hours a day and can hardly complain about the cable breaking because all other earplugs I have had have, given out on me in 3months on average (cheap ones I have to admit). I do wear them at work and keep my phone in trouser pocket and often take the phone out quite often so the cable has been stressed quite alot. The Titanium housing seems very durable and the paint seems durable also, there's not a single scratch or dent in them (I have been careful with the drivers them selves, the cable not so much) And they sit tightly in my ears with the stock tips... don't remember for sure if I'm using the small ones, havent fallen even once out of my ear in any circumstances. Highly recommend these if you can find them somewhere, easily worth the 200€ it cost me to have them delivered to finland, the drop itself was 160dollars or so (damn vat) Have seen these on european amazon going for about 180€ but at the time of the drop the cheapest here were 280€ Anyone know where I can find the stock cable separately, couldn't find them anywhere with a quick google ( not even on technicas own site, at the time of the drop they were 70€ or so on their website if I remember correctly) NVM found the cable being sold on the USA technica site but for 120dollars which is just too much especially because of the taxes and such, what a shame, really liked the stock cable, especially the durability considering it is seemingly thin and "flimsy" looking cable.
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