Bestech Swordfish Natural G-10 Knife – Drop Exclusive
Bestech Swordfish Natural G-10 Knife – Drop Exclusive
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Product Description
Bestech’s sleek and sizable Swordfish knife is back in season—and this time, it features a Drop-exclusive natural G-10 handle. Measuring nearly 9 inches with the blade deployed, the Swordfish earns its name with a slim, agile profile; a long, sharp bill; and the aforementioned G-10 scales Read More

Sep 18, 2020
Wish the colors were reversed
Oct 10, 2020
Natural G10 isn't a color. You can leave it factory natural,but it was designed to be a blank canvas for custom RIT dye jobs...
Oct 26, 2020
I know .... I’ve dyed more than a few of my knives to include my orange/black swordfish ( kinda a smoked oak/black now) I don’t hate natural g10 but prefer that is is used sparingly mainly as an accent
Sep 10, 2020
Sep 9, 2020
This is a great/large/amazing sounding/sexy knife. But i paid $36 for mine when drop had it in the past so $50 doesn't seem worth it unless you really like jade G10
Dec 14, 2020
Depending on what you mean by dyed. My guess is they're just not adding colorants to the ingredients with which they're making it, so it's a material cost savings more than it really being skipping a step where they dye the G-10. Which I think would take them longer and add much more to their costs than just producing the G-10 in color. My guess is the knives are costing more in 2020, what with all the factors at work in this shitstorm of a year. And that they're marking up for the 'exclusive' which, you know, whatever, of the last two Drop exclusives I ordered one was cancelled (the Metamorph in jade) and the other (the Field Bro) still hasn't shipped. Between that and the D2 I'm having an easy time skipping this. I bet with the relieved liners it ends up being a decent knife to dye a lighter color and pick up a bit of glow. But I think I'll be waiting to get my Field Bro before I go for another one of these Drop exclusives as a dyeing project.
Dec 14, 2020
I guess by "they", i was referring to the manufacturer of the G10, skipping the step of adding the dye. I don't believe bestech makes their own G10, based on them having the same standard color selections as most other knife makers. They likely buy it pre-dyed in sheets. There was a bit of hyperbole in my post, but essentially, yeah...the materials shouldn't cost them more to make the final product. My guess is it has a lot more to do with the "exclusive" marketing than anything else, as I still see other models being sold at more or less the same price they were a year ago
Sep 9, 2020
ghost jade scales and they added a deep carry clip although the standard clip already was positioned deep enough for my tastes. love the swordfish's size and carry-abilty for a larger folder and has good action on bearings. a little thick bte but good overall. will be passing on this one since i have 3 variants already but it is a great folder reminiscent of the beloved Benchmade 710. slim and not too thick handled with that beautiful bolstered G10.