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Building on the success of the popular BL-03 earphones, BLON is back with the BL-05: an IEM with powerful hardware and an updated shell design. Inside, the BL-05 features a seven-layer piezoelectric driver paired with a 10-millimeter CNT diaphragm dynamic driver Read More

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Apr 6, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Tinny, no base. I burned them in on 40 hours of pink noise, including to vary the volume now and then, and the improvement was noticeable but not enough. Every pair of earbuds I own -- apple, skullcandy, happy plugs, no name -- are better than these. I threw them in the bin.
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Feb 18, 2021
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Great for the price!
The fit is still a bit strange but that's subjective. Right ear fits perfectly but left can never stay in. BUT...waaaaaay better in the fit department then the BL-03.
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Nov 26, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
A different flavor to the BL03's
I always rate products to the price, and you definitely get what you pay for. Compared to the BL03's the Bass is reduced but the vocals and highs are more pronounced. I do feel they do image a slight bit better than the BL03's though. definitely has weight due to its all metal construct, but I find it to be comfortable in the ear In conclusion, it's the brighter cousin that's loud and I like the option to swap between the two depending on my preference at the time, though I do tend to go for the BL03's more often than the BL05's
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Oct 29, 2020
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Not bad for an intro level
Not bad, but not great. For me these don't do anything that makes me think about them, like there isn't anything specail about the sound that draws me to them. I do like the design, and feel/fit better then the 03.
Oct 17, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Exceptional for the price, would recommend to anyone looking for a bang for your buck iem. Bass is not as pronounced when compared to the BL03s but there is a nice balance to the sound.

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Sep 26, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
The replacement for the BL-03 I was hoping for..
Although the more reasonable tuning makes these a little less special than the BL-03, not to mention the higher price, for $35 the tonality is incredible. So this is what the 03's sound like without all the bloated bass. Interestingly, they do not compete with the 03, but rather the Tin T2+ I think. Plugged into an amp I think these may be better than the T2+ while on the go (plugged into my phone) the T2+ are better performers as they do not distort on such a lacking source while the BL-05 do distort in the mid range. I think with a BTR5 I will have no need for the T2+ thanks to these.
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Sep 21, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Good entry level iem
After using these for a couple of weeks, my impressions are that these budget friendly iems are a good choice for those of us who produce and consume acoustic style music (i.e. singer songwriter). Very detailed with good separation of instruments and voice. For consuming other styles of music, it is a good enough experience. Not bass heavy- but present. Certainly not tuned for the more bass leaning public- but I did not find myself hunting for an equalizer on any type of music I listened to on these. I used a Hiby R3 Pro for my music listening- no equalization applied and my home music studio for evaluating the iems attributes for monitoring live performances or producing music. Overall, I think these are a good cheap pair of iems that fit quite well (with the right foam tips btw), and for my music preference, match quite well.
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Sep 19, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Consider myself unlucky with a defective item
I got the item for about a week and it was not able to hold its shell together. The sound signature from my pair are skewered as the high end are too sharp and the bass are too quiet. I have no problem with fit. Its shape is one of few that does not irritate me when i first wore them.
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Sep 9, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Not bad, Doesn't shine either.
For the price, Im totally happy with those iems, Build quality is very good, so is the cable (comparable to the upgrade version for kz iems(7 usd). Sound quality wise- well... They are not bad, And Im totally gonna use them over any price similar Sony or mainstream iems. BUT they are very harsh on the highs, which gets better with higher, bassier gain on my xduoo x10, Bass and mids are fine, right for me, highs are even painful sometimes tho. Changed eartips for some Bass oriented from my FiiO IEMs and they sound bit better, original ones aren't any special. TL;DR pros: build quality, cable, good bass and mids cons: stock eartips, VERY harsh highs
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Aug 23, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Flat with no bottom end
Worst in ear monitors I have ever heard. Avoid like the plague. They would barely be suitable for the spoken word, they are not musical in the slightest and have no bass at all.
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