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EPOS GSP 602 Gaming Headset

EPOS GSP 602 Gaming Headset

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Product Description
In-game audio is just as important as in-game visuals. Upgrade your sound with the EPOS GSP 602 Gaming Headset, a sporty blue and brown take on the popular GSP 600 Read More

Dec 19, 2022
Currently (as of December 19, 2022) the same sale price on Epos official website, with delivery before Christmas. You're welcome.
Dec 8, 2022
BTW, Drop is not honoring its "RETURNS-NO QUESTIONS ASKED" policy despite its presence on the page when I bought this item 3 weeks ago. They are not allowing me to return it despite this.
Apr 4, 2022
I've seen some mixed things about these. How is the sound for gaming? I'm looking for something that has good directional sound as well as something that can sit on my head for a long time. Biggest gripes with some headsets in the past is how tight they get, especially the headband, and how warm they are. Also is the mic as bad as some say? I'm mostly going to be using them with my Series X. Also is this really much of a sale? When I check USD to CAD and their website I see it listed for 189 by them and it's only 186 after the conversion on here
Sep 12, 2022
SmallHalfBeardLate response, but I've been using the GSP600 series for about two years for Hunt:Showdown, IMO the king of directional sound games, and they've worked out great. The band has a tension adjustment and you have to get it right to make them feel decent for longer periods of time. I will say that yes, they do get a little warm because of the seal. Sennheiser/EPOS/whatever they are have some "cooling" gel pads as an aftermarket option, I have not tried them. I did after about a year of heavy use (using them for conference calls/etc) have the ear pads finally blow out on me. The microphone is fine and serviceable. Once in a while the lift to mute needs to be waggled up and down again, but that happens on lots of lift to mute headsets.
Mar 29, 2022
More quality, less color, please.
Feb 26, 2022
Ive owned the similar retail version before the stupid EPOS branding, GSP 600. I do not reccomend this headset, Sennheiser does not make good CLOSEDBACK sound music is flat thru it, the microphone is absolutely horrible, when i had the headset people commonly commented how shitty the mic sounded like an air traffic controller. I reccomend any sennheiser openback, but closed backs are terrible, sennheiser does not make good headset microphones either. Stick to openback and independent mics
Mikael Andersson
Oct 19, 2021
How does this one compare to the PC37X?
Jan 1, 2023
No? Clearly the names are different... Wow.
Jan 2, 2023
FatJoeAhh I got confused with where the names were lol
Jul 26, 2021
While it looked cool and futuristic as hell, it also looks hella heavy. Unless the material is cheap plastic. Is it one of those "Gamer" headphones they keep making?
Feb 26, 2022
bsastorwhat r u on about? Almost all decently made headphones are plastic. Not to mention how much lighter they are in comparison to scarcely made metal variants. Also, the title for these literally states ‘gaming headset’…so what other use case were u expecting??
Feb 27, 2021
Just keep this in mind, this headset is very uncomfortable for a lot of people. It is quite heavy and the headband does not really help with that....for some people like me. But just look into that before you buy. Because its nice otherwise, sennheiser has nice headphone mics as well. And this version of the headset looks lit tbh.
Feb 25, 2021
Where can I get them ear pads thoooo. Drop needs to release a version of these for the pc38x I will definitely cop
Feb 25, 2021
This better or SENNHEISER PC38X ?
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