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Final Audio A4000 IEM

Final Audio A4000 IEM

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Product Description
Final Audio created the A4000 IEM to lead its class. To do that, they worked from the ground up —and left no stone unturned Read More

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96% would recommend to a friend
Jul 27, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
A suprising sound stage
The sound stage is great and the earbuds have a great fit.
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Jul 15, 2022
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Excellent entry into the Final Audio sound
I love Final Audio products for their ability to produce high quality sounding products irrespective of the price point they come in at. The A4000 is no exception to this. While a fairly no frills IEM, you will be surprised at its ability to render bass and a very pleasing treble. Final makes some of the best IEM tips in the market, used by many audio companies and that continues here too. Overall, it's hard to go wrong with this earphone, especially if you're after a simple looking device that be largely innocuous as you take public transport or walk around town while providing you with amazing sound.
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May 26, 2022
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I love this IEM
This IEM is light in weight. But sound is not light. That doesn't mean it's heavy. Sometimes it is like a breeze, sometimes it's like a storm. So I love so much this IEM.
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Mar 22, 2022
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Good IEM For an Average User
Overall this IEM is a good beginner IEM at an affordable price for starting out. For the price, it's worth the money. The cable could be better so getting a better down the line is a good option.
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Feb 25, 2022
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Good all around
I thought i would be able to use these with some of the cables i have (for a cheap pair) that have different terminations (USB C, Lightning, and 2.5mm) but they have a notch where the cables plug into the modules.
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Feb 4, 2022
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Earphone for easy listener
It presents good performance on any devices. Even on smartphone, it makes good sounds without exception.
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Dec 9, 2021
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A worthy IEM especially for EDC consideration
I've owned these IEM's for over 6 months so consider this a long term use review! First, the physical aspects. Simple box & straight forward accessories. There are the IEM's, cable, tips & carry case. The IEM's are made of a type of soft plastic. They're light & relatively small. I find them to be very comfortable for long term use. Isolation to external noise is lower than average. To be honest, they kind of look cheap. They most definitely don't sound cheap though. Part of the reason why it's taken me so long to write a review about the A4000 is that I've been at war with myself about them. There have been times when I've loved them & there have been times when they've left me unsatisfied. The crazy thing is that I can't definitively pin down why this is. Sometimes I've listened to the same material with varying degrees of satisfaction. I don't know whether it's been the source equipment, my particular mood, the barometric pressure, the lunar phase or whatever other crazy thing I can come up with. There has been only only concrete thing that I can point to that I personally consider a flaw but more on that later.... The A4000 does many things well above their price point, especially from a technical aspect. This new DD that Final Audio uses is quick, fast & low distortion. The bass is tuned to perfection. The sub-bass shelve is reminiscent of properly inserting a subwoofer into a speaker system. It's fast, impactful & tastefully done. Better yet is that I detect no bleeding into the midrange. The midrange is also very quick which provides vocals with a lot of coherency. Diction is above average. The midrange is also where I start to have my one concrete issue with the A4000. I would refer people to Super Review's graph as it accurately represents what I hear from these IEM's. There is what I would consider to be a fairly steep increase of roughly 10dB from about 1.5kHz to 4kHz where a relatively steady plateau with a mildly upward slope of 3dB to about 8kHz is reached. A rapid descent of about 12dB to 12kHz happens after that. What this does is give the A4000,what is for me, a "on the bright side of-neutral" tuning. Not my favorite but still acceptable with some mild sibilance on some tracks. I would consider the tuning to be typical Final Audio tuning & representative of the region of the world in which they reside. As with most things, it's not all negative because I think that this also contributes to the A4000's superior soundstage at this price point & it's vocal clarity. Lower male vocal can sometimes take a back seat on some material though & trumpets, tenor saxes, cymbals & other info in that range can be pushed a bit more forward than they should. What I think keeps it from being completely offensive is the levelness & breadth of this plateau although, for my taste, a lowering of about 3 to 5dB would really push these to a pound for pound discussion. So to sum things up, the negatives are the bright side of neutral FR & the cabling system which doesn't allow for free exchange. The problem is that I can also make an argument for putting these exact same things on the positive side of the ledger! Here goes: With the bright side of neutral FR comes soundstage, presence & technicalities. The 6mm DD embodies the qualities of planar-like quickness & low distortion. I feel that this is what makes the A4000 acceptable for me although I don't consider them to have my ideal tuning. They're a good, "change of pace!" The use they excel at for me is as an EDC. If you commute or live where there are a lot of sub sonic frequencies, such as in a big city, they are perfect for that application. I find that sub sonic frequencies tend to attenuate or blur frequency extremes & what I feel the A4000 does really well due to its quickness & slight forwardness is cut through the garbage when used under such conditions. Bass is still fairly well defined & upper midrange & treble detail maintained. The lightness of the IEM's & the thinness/manageability of the cable also makes them highly portable-friendly. I do like the A4000 quite a bit! While it's not my preferred tuning, its presentation can be captivating & informative. I do, from time to time, pick up things in recordings with the A4000 that are not readily apparent with other IEM's. I wish that Drop would use a finer rating system so that rate the A4000 at what I feel it actually deserves which is 4.5 Stars.
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Dec 11, 2021
MaverickAHCouldn’t have said it better. Feel the same. To add, the stock cables are better than people give them credit for - the most tangle free of any cables I’ve owned. Suggestions from a few YT reviewers (Currawong in particular) that these are sibilant are overblown. Their graph suggests they may be, but they absolutely are not to my ears (and I consider myself fairly sensitive to overdone highs). Wonderful implementation across the frequency spectrum and a great EDC.
Dec 2, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
They sound great .... Better then ie 300, half the cost ... The bass is deep, very clear, very detailed ..... Sorry I waited this long to get them .. very comfortable... Truly surprised
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Oct 17, 2021
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Sounds kinda weird, but so far so sweet
I get this feeling almost every time I try on a new model by Final Audio Lab, and this pair is no exception. There is a sweet shine/hint of resonance in these, which is definitely not there in my daily er4xr/er2se experiences. Design-wise is also quite sweet. Light plastic but never makes me feel cheap. Prolonged sessions (>4h) of listening can cause aching in the auricle, but is not really an issue. In fact, this can be seen as an indicator for the need of a break.
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Oct 17, 2021
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Fantastic soundstage for an IEM overall sound quality in general was more airy and light. Not a lot of bass but enough to make me not feel like it was lacking for what I listen to. Mids are definitely recessed a bit since its a V shaped signature. The highs are probably the best part of the sound as they're definitely sparkly but not too harsh
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