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THX’s AAA™ amplification has earned an esteemed reputation among audiophiles for its ultra-low distortion and linear sound. Now, that amplification technology is available in a portable, palm-sized amp Read More
The World’s Smallest THX AAA™ Amplifier

THX’s AAA™ amplification has earned an esteemed reputation among audiophiles for its ultra-low distortion and linear sound. Now, that amplification technology is available in a portable, palm-sized amp. Introducing the HELM Audio DB12 AAAMP, available only on Drop. Made in collaboration with THX, this feature-loaded amp takes AAA™ to new heights with a host of additional features, including USB charging, onboard volume controls, a clean 12-decibel gain boost for power-hungry headphones like planar magnetics or high-impedance models, plus an independent 6-decibel boost for the low ends. Winner of the “Innovation Award at CES 2020,” the HELM Audio DB12 AAAMP takes the power it saves with efficient AAA™ technology and uses it to deliver a rich, “unmasked” stereo field with plenty of detail.

The THX AAA™ Advantage

Distortion is the enemy of any listening experience. However, finding and neutralizing its source has proven to be difficult for many headphone amp manufacturers. Striding ahead of the competition, THX has honed in on a solution. THX AAA™ technology uses patented feed-forward error-correction topology to reduce harmonic, intermodulation, and crossover distortions by 20 to 100 times—currently the world’s lowest levels of distortion. In the DB12 AAAMP, this technology facilitates a fatigue-free listening experience that’s both immersive and energy-efficient. Less power wasted on distortion means more output power devoted to improving dynamic range, sound pressure level, and stereo field imaging—benefits your ears will notice instantly.  

A Better Mobile Listening Experience

Listening to headphones through a THX AAA™ amplifier is game-changing. Now, you can do it on the go. Fitting THX AAA™ technology into a key-fob-sized form factor, the HELM Audio DB12 AAAMP brings audiophile-grade sound to any setting. Enjoy an ultra-clean 12-decibel gain boost, plus the ability to boost your low-end frequencies by an additional 6 decibels. You can also control your smartphone volume, and play/pause your music thanks to onboard controls. Plus, THX AAA™ technology passes its best-in-class energy savings on to your battery: the USB-C chargeable DB12 AAAMP provides over 6 hours of continuous use. THX Certified to ensure studio-grade audio performance, the DB12 AAAMP is ready to elevate your listening experience from anywhere.

El Jefe's Review
  • HELM Audio
  • THX Certified
  • Amplifier: THX’s AAA™ amplifier
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Input: Stereo TRRS 3.5 mm male connector 
  • Output: Stereo TRRS 3.5 mm female connector 
  • Frequency response: +0.01 / -0.2 dB 20 Hz – 20 kHz with 32 ohm load 
  • Output impedance: <0.4 ohms 
  • Output power: 109 mW at 16 ohms with <0.1% THD (watts per channel,) 111 mW at 32 ohms with <0.1% THD (watts per channel) 
  • Output impedance:  < 0.4 ohms 
  • THD: -102 dB, 16 ohms, 10 mW: 0.0008%
  • THD: -102 dB, 32 ohms, 5 mW: 0.0008%
  • THD: -109 dB, 10 Kohms, 0.049 mW: 0.00035%
  • IMD: -70 dB, SMPTE 70 Hz + 70 kHz, 16 ohms: 0.03%
  • IMD: -80 dB, SMPTE 70 Hz + 70 kHz, 32 ohms: 0.01%
  • IMD: -80 dB, SMPTE 70 Hz + 70 kHz, 10K ohms: 0.01%
  • Crosstalk: - 91 dB, 10K ohms: 0.0028184 %
  • Noise (A-wt): 10 uV, potentiometer at nil
  • SNR: 114 dB, 300 ohms, <1% THD
  • Gain: +12 dB (full range), +12 dB and +6 dB on 60–100 Hz frequencies (Bass Boost)
  • Power supply: Internal USB rechargeable battery
  • Battery life: 6+ hours in use 
  • Weight: 1.08 oz (30.55 g)
  • Manufacturer's 1-year warranty

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