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Hidizs MS2 IEM

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Product Description
In earphones, expressive sound and cost-effectiveness rarely go hand in hand. In the MS2 from Hidizs—part of the aptly named Mermaid Series—that rarity is a reality Read More

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Jan 12, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Amazing Sound
I am relatively new to the in0ear monitor scene but I love these IEMs. When I wear headphones that cover my entire ears, my ears get really hot and my head ends up hurting. But I also hate that I lose a ton of sound quality when I wear earbuds. These IEMs have completely solved this issue and have provided some of the best sound, especially for their form factor, that I have ever heard. Additionally, my wife is a musician and she has fallen in love with these IEMs and has ordered herself a pair to use for performances in the future.
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Jul 11, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Addictive sound with bling if that's your thing
I ordered the black MS2 because pretty-looking sparkly things simply don't appeal to me and I thought the black varient would be the least conspicuous. Well, I was a little disappointed when I unboxed the MS2 and found they were indeed very sparkly especially mated to the very pretty silver and copper cable that looks like jewelry. The backplates even look silver at some angles along with the glitter, which up close looks a little cheap to me, like a bad imitation mother of pearl. So a little disheartened, I just hoped they would at least sound decent. They fit very comfortably with the included tips. The first song I thought to try was The Rolling Stones' Paint It Black and I was immediately impressed. With not a second of burn in they just sounded amazing out of the box. I listened to a variety of songs for over an hour and just didn't want to take them off. Firstly, I am by no means an expert but I will try to do the MS2s justice here... The bass is nicely evenly elevated so the sub-bass rumbles but only when called for and mid-bass is great and accurate without dominating higher frequencies. It feels well balanced from bottom to the top frequencies. The level of detail is good throughout and instrument separation is decent. The treble is also nicely present with no harsh peaks. So while the MS2s and the included cable are aesthetically not my preference I actually couldn't care less because they simply sound great all round and I have no complaints about the performance.
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