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With gold design accents and a molded, see-through enclosure, the KZ ZAS IEM offers listeners a finer aesthetic to go along with its well-rounded sound. Inside each earphone, there’s a lot going on Read More

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Dec 5, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
I've had these for about 4 and a half months at the time of this review, using them on and off, but not too much for comfort reasons I'll go into later. These IEMS have the usual Kz V-shaped sound signature, but with a bit more bass than usual and nice bass extension. I wouldn't say the bass is muddy or bleeds into the mids. I'd describe these as very fun sounding. Definitely not critical listening IEMs, as usual from Kz. The cable is very nice and I have no concerns about its durability. My main issue with these is the shape of the monitors. Kz decided to go with something that is supposed to align to the shape of your ears, but if your ears are different shaped like mine are, they get really uncomfortable and painful to wear even after a few mintues. As I'm writing this, I've been listening to music for about 6 minutes. I find the corners and points in the them to be digging into my ear in a pretty painful way. After an hour or so, I'll need to take them out and swap to something else. I'd advise anyone considering these earphone to avoid them if your ears are different to everyone else's to avoid these and go for something else. Kz do a lot of earphones that don't use this shape that are cheaper and sound good.
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Sep 5, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Awesome sauce!
The KZ ZAS IEM looks and feels premium! Could be priced way more than what I paid for it. The black case with the gold trim is killer! The IEM's have 8 drivers. Get this! 8 drivers each! 1 DD and 7 BA's. All working in sync. You get crystal clear highs and mids! The bass is punchy! Feels like subs in your ears! Definitely a great buy! Highly recommended!
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