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Linsoul LSC08 IEM Cable

Linsoul LSC08 IEM Cable

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Product Description
When listening to music through earphones, it’s crucial to maintain an excellent signal from beginning to end. Between these two points is your cable: the bridge from source to speaker Read More

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Feb 14, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Simply put these are very danceable cables.
Music playing through them results in the proverbial foot-tapping scene with the need or desire to get up and move. Great swing and pace—these cables smack that right on the nose big time. I just wanted to say how happy I am now that I chose to purchase a third-party cable. It is an objective improvement over the stock cable, just like every single third-party cable ever made. The best part of this cable, and all third-party cables, is how it fixes all of the infamous and consistently measurable quirks my particular set of IEMs has. Some of you Negative Nancies may point out that there's no measurable evidence that a third-party cable can do something like this (or go as far as saying there is measurable evidence that a third-party cable does not remotely do what I'm describing) - but I spent the money on the cable and dammit this is how it sounds to me now. We all hear things differently, especially after money is spent. Oh, and when that break-in period is over. Cables require break-in. I don't recall exactly how long this cable's break-in period is, but if you use this cable and find that it makes no audible difference, you need to break it in more. Secondly, I am amazed at how this cable (and all cables that did not come stock with their headphones) opened up the mids. The mids are wide open now - before they were mostly open. If you were wondering what precisely "wide open mids" are, I'd ask you to imagine mids, then imagine them wide open. I'd like to call out female vocals here, since this is an audio review after all. I cannot stand Adele's voice, but now I really cannot stand Adele's voice. FInally, I'd like to point out how much more "holographic" the imaging is now. Yes, the suffix "graphic" implies a visual, but you will note that I put the word in quotes. I now feel like I am on the stage, which is an especially remarkable sensation with studio recordings or completely electronic music. Also finally, the frequency response now extends well beyond that of human hearing. I cannot hear any of this, but I can tell. I am very happy with the performance of this product and cannot wait to buy something even more expensive. But seriously, folks - here we have a well-build, attractive cable with sturdy hardware that is nice and thick. I am experiencing no issues with shorting out or anything like that, and it looks more robust than the stock Noble cable I was using. I found the price to be very attractive given the level of craftsmanship. In the comments, please note the paragraph in which you tuned out.
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May 6, 2020
thefitzI simply smiled.
May 22, 2020
Haha thanks all - I stole the headline and first paragraph from a review of $5000 RCA cables (which probably aren't that outrageously expensive now). The rest is snark hee hee
Jan 16, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Very nice.......
I just received my order yesterday (3.5mm/2-Pin & 3.5mm MMCX). First, everything arrived in one package, ahead of schedule & in good order. Nothing fancy on the packaging. Just a plastic shipping envelope containing 2 padded manila envelopes with each item in a zipped plastic bag. I'll restrict my comments to the 2-Pin variation as I haven't used the MMCX yet. A couple of things strike you immediately.
  • First, it's a gorgeous cable. It has a "bling" quality to it. It'll definitely get you noticed without being too ostentatious.
  • Second, it's a well-built cable. The metal components are lightweight but solid. The cable itself has weight to it & hangs straight. The strain relief is nicely done as is plastic on the ear hooks & the cable slider has the appropriate tension to stay exactly where you want it to stay. Very well put together overall.
Sonically, the cable is solid. Nothing disappoints. This is a subject that I hate talking about when it comes to cables because it's so subjective. I tried the cables on 2 different sets of in-ears. Plug fit on both was excellent. On one iem where treble was a bit energetic, they seemed to attenuate it. On the other where the treble was a bit dialed back, they seemed to add a bit more presence to it. In both cases it seemed to be at the benefit of the iem's. Take from that what you may...... Negatives? Well these are cables that, IMHO, are not going to wear well. I'm not talking from a durability perspective. I'm talking from a visual perspective. These are "white glove" cables & if you're the type who's OCD about how your cables look, these are not for you. The smooth, shiny metal parts are prone to scratches & the cables themselves will be susceptible to dirt & staining. These are predominately indoor cables & even with that, be sure to keep them far away from coffee, ketchup, dirt, etc..... It's a shame that the black version wasn't offered. The only other possible negative could be cable weight. Some may find them on the heavy side. All-in-all, a solid product. The only real question is whether it's necessary to spend this much outside of aesthetics? I don't have enough experience with aftermarket cables to answer that definitively yet. I am leaning towards "No" though.
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Apr 5, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Far better than my stock cable!
I make no illusions about what the product is: a cable. It’s braided, it connects to my IEMs, and they don’t tangle. They don’t make the music sound better. Any claims of such is placebo or snake oil. These cables are a wonderful upgrade from the Noble x Drop stock cable that I have been using.
Four stars because the over ear loop could be a bit better. I found it difficult to mold around my ears. The blue and red paint on the IEM connection side could have been applied better.
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Jun 19, 2020
Yeah for sure, I guess it depends on what people’s activities are surrounding the headphone. My ENTIRE set up is based in bed, so laying completely flat with over-ears? Impossible, unfortunately. So there are some trade-offs I have to give, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything, I’ve invested thousands of dollars into my bed, and it’s just so much more comfortable than sitting at an uncomfortable chair all day and hurting your back. I wouldn’t recommend anybody doing this for years on end without exercising at all like I did, and THEN come back and exercise like you’re training for the Olympics. You’ll end up with terrible tendinitis for YEARS. Disclaimer: always warm up before exercising/ don’t just lay in bed all day without exercising lol.
Jun 13, 2021
A lot of the weight is gone if seated.
Feb 6, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Just want to give 5 stars
Not into writing reviews sorry
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May 8, 2020
ChrisSpeakmanI forgive you.
Jun 7, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Sounds fantastic
Sounds slightly better than their $20-30 cable. But the key here is the durability is a lot better. I've already had two of their other cords and it always seems that close to the jack the wires will eventually become internally frayed or something. And youd have to twist thg he cord a tad to get left and right audio volumes corrected. This seems to fit the bill! Also it looks great
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Mar 14, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
High quality
Very good! Connectors fit well, cable itself is non-microphonic. Fit and finish is awesome, looks pretty high class! Sound: yes... It's a cable and it works. Great upgrade cable for Tinhifi P1, same polished steel. BTW. : Tin P1 with a balanced cable + Ifi XCan = mobile audio nirvana!
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May 4, 2020
PonderP1 great headphone. Chose the er2xr over them, but p1 seems to be a “funnier” headphone. I use mine for gaming so imaging is #1 priority lol.
Jan 17, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Upgrade from the stock tin t4 cable
When I got my t4s, I was happy with everything; the sound the box the style. except for the headphone cable. While the silver matched up nicely with it, it would tangle and the wire had a certain “grip” and clung to itself. This cable looks just like that, but with a much nicer feel, heft, and even a little shorter. All of these are pluses for me.
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Mar 16, 2020
RyanPinIs there an earhook less version? I don't like to wear iems over ear.
Mar 16, 2020
pistaye15I don’t believe that there is on this one.
Dec 29, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
My favorite IEM cable
Great sound. Refined, but doesn’t alter the tonality like silver can. Not microphonic. Not prone to getting tangled, and not too expensive! Also, love that it comes sleeved. That may increase bulk and weight but can be a benefit for heavier IEMs, and I think it helps reduce cable noise. My only complaint is that it’s not available in black on Drop. I’m sure there are better cables out there, but law of diminishing returns and all that...
Aug 23, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Great but bulky cable.
This us a very nice high quality cable. The mids connectors are nice an tight with no wobble or spinning. The hardest is sollid and nice looking. The fabric is smooth and relatively quiet (not very microphonic). The best part is the comfort. Since it is a single wire to each ear the cable going over your ear is smooth, not bumpy like a braided cable. This means it has a very low chance of causing irritation. The only downside is that it is a bit bulky so it might not fit in every case.
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Jun 18, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Very nice cable, pleasant to touch and to use. Good value for money.

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