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Massdrop Blue Box: MEE audio X-Series Wireless IEMs

Massdrop Blue Box: MEE audio X-Series Wireless IEMs

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Looking for a pair of top-notch wireless in-ear monitors? We’ve partnered with MEE audio to offer an exclusive grab bag of goodies, featuring well-reviewed products that pack a heck of a punch for the price Read More

Jun 25, 2019
I got the x6, tinny sounding, poor noise isolation. If I paid the msrp of 40 bucks I would be pissed. I have a 15 dollar pair of jvc wired headphones that beat these hand over fist
Apr 2, 2019
It's been 5 days past the expected ship date for this latest drop and I haven't heard anything. What gives?
Apr 2, 2019
isewiseI sent in a ticket in, they told me they had an error in their system and will send out this drop at April 10th.
Feb 13, 2019
X6 paired easily & quickly. Isolation is unimpressive for an IEM, and it's not just because of the interchangeable tips. The shape of the whole thing prevents it from going far enough into the ear to block outside noise as well as some other IEMs. My first impression of the sound is it will be more than adequate for my intended, casual use, mostly while lifting weights. The way they hang over the ears feels like they will stay in place well enough.
Feb 8, 2019
I got 2 of the X5's, so all you guys odds for an upgrade just got better, your welcome!
Jan 27, 2019
For those that have never tried the MEE Audio's. I currently have a set of X7 plus's. They have AMAZING range for bluetooth connectivity, but be aware this range is obtained by keeping the bandwidth utilization down and subsequently, the sound quality. I am a HUGE audiobook fan and find these to be awesome for listening to my audiobooks during my afternoon runs. The over the ear keeps them well seated while the connectivity keeps them playing where most of the bluetooth buds I have tried (jaybirds, hypergear, plussound, akai, and others) have cut out while I am running, or couldn't stand up to the sweat I produce while running. So, I do consider these niche, but quite useful.
Jan 27, 2019
Okay, I'm confused. So, they plan to randomly select from ALL participants to trade out the "prizes", however I see a problem with this. What if you had been a lucky participant to receive an x8 (10%, $79.99), but then are selected to receive the akg m220 ($49.99). Which should massdrop send... I would hope the x8. Could someone from massdrop chime in?
Dec 11, 2018
I took part in the last blue box and received some of the RX18P and they were some of the worst sounding headphones I have ever owned...WAY worse than the standard Apple ear buds. Save your money!
Dec 11, 2018
I got the x7 on the last blue box and I have to say they are the most meh headphones I've ever owned. Sound is acceptable not good not bad. Fit is terrible and uncomfortable. So sorry to day but I'm out on this one.
Nov 10, 2018
Why no shipping to Canada?
Nov 10, 2018
I got the X6, these things just don't fit my ears. I've tried all of the included rubber ear tips, and ended up using my own aftermarket tips which only work slightly better. The lack of proper seal means the bass is seriously lacking. Aside from that, the sound range is decent for a bluetooth headset of this style. The only other problem that I have is that these headphones cut out briefly but frequently when I'm walking. The distance from my phone in my pocket to my headphones seems like it is just too long. I find myself fiddling with the cables to keep them slightly to the right side to make the connection better. Read the reviews on Amazon, lots of people have the bluetooth disconnecting problem. Would I say these headphones are worth $25? Sure. They're fine when you're not moving around much. Would I say they're worth the retail price of $40? No way.
Dec 11, 2018
callitI've had the exact same experience with the x6. I bought a set because the wired version have long been a favorite for walking or yard work, but the bluetooth dropouts are ridiculously frequent, even if I put my phone in a shirt pocket literally inches away.
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