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Massdrop Peak Merino Hoodie

Massdrop Peak Merino Hoodie

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Product Description
Soft, plush, and extraordinarily durable, the Peak is sure to outlast every hoodie in your closet—and get more wear than the rest of ‘em, too. It starts with sustainably sourced merino wool from Australia, a center of merino wool production since the early 1800s Read More

Customer Reviews

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Jan 9, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Lightweight, but it grows..
Consider not to hang the jacket, as the material will stretch the jacket.. The Large size is big already, now its length is like a cardigan. But overall, very very warm.
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Good but expensive
After discovering North X North Merino wool handkerchiefs and the damn near magical heat retaining properties they have I knew I needed to jump on this drop when I read about it.
It had next to no real long or lose excess threads that I had to cut and bring to prevent unraveling. The interior is a nice bushed finish but I can see it pilling up if you wear lots of rough undergarments. Speaking of interior you can tell care and attention was put into it, the seam where the hood section meets the back torso area and comes in contact with the back of your neck has a nice strip of soft cotton like material so the back of your neck is never chaffed or hit with a cold breeze that slips between the gaps and seams where the material is thinnest.
The version with thumbholes are literally just gaps of about 2 inch voids in the elastic material that holds the cuff in place rather than just being slits to make a tiny hole that expands when you use it for your thumbs and disappears when you don't instead of just being a constantly open gap. The midsection is a bit generous with the material and would suite the less exercise inclined of us just fine I know YKK zippers are of quality but mine keeps getting is lach kinked for some odd reason Just for reference sake in this image I am 6ft, VERY broad shoulders, muscular build with a slight gut.
Overall this is a nice quality piece with a few qwerks but for the price I'd think twice if I wasn't so morbidly curious about the material as a whole. Hey maybe if Drop doesn't make anymore it may even become a collectors piece much like some of Machine56's productions?
Jun 1, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
This was an impulse buy and I have to admit I agonised over the cost while waiting for it to arrive. Well since I received it, I’m wearing it all the time. Beautifully soft light and keeps me warm. The quality is exceptional, and I now feel like it’s worth every cent.
May 1, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Let me start by saying I love this hoodie but the grosgrain ribbon has frayed terribly and the stitching is falling apart . The material was top notch but it stopped there. Whom ever made these things had no idea how to produce the quality these hoodies deserved. I'm more upset that eventually I wont have this hoodie then I am by the fact that it was made like crap for the price that was charged. This could have easily been a long long long time favorite clothing pice. Massive Let Down Mass-drop.... Massive Let Down.
Feb 8, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
I really like the material: a jersey outer face and fleecy pile inner face. The weight would be on the light side for a poly/cotton hoodie, but in merino this weight is pretty warm. The fit seems true to size, i.e., similar to a traditional hoodie. Mine doesn't show any bagging or excess material. I haven't yet seen any issues with the stitching, but if and when I do, I own a needle. It's true that the price made me think twice, but (new) merino wool doesn't come cheap. A synthetic-merino blend might get the price down under $80. I'll happily wear this hoodie in the office and on cold mornings around the house; for backcountry use I'll continue to layer my $4 thrift-store merino sweaters under appropriate outerwear.
Apr 2, 2019
SagegrouchAfter two months of light duty use, no real signs of wear. I'm wearing it now. I wore it yesterday. I'd buy another. Suggestions:
  • Zippers on the pockets. OK, I know that's less hoodie and more jacket, but I also don't want things falling out of my pockets.
  • Merino-synthetic blend to reduce sticker shock.
  • A pullover hoodie version.
  • Colors? I'm partial to dark green, myself. Blue is nice too.
Feb 8, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
I feel like in a market like today, pricing really dictates what kind of quality product you get. For paying over $100 bucks for this I'd expect way more. I'm only giving it two stars cuz I like the fit, but overall....nahhh bruh for a buck fifty a UGG sweater is the exact same fit more durable and definitely warmer and comfy as shit. *two washes in and the stiscing is going*
Feb 3, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Comfy, fit well, fit is good - some loose stitches though
Feb 2, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Bought a Medium. It was too baggy. I’m 150 and 5’7” and like an athletic fit. MD was awesome with the exchange. They sent me a small immediately. Couldn’t be happier. DEFINITELY WORTH THE PRICE!! Don’t let other comments about “too expensive” influence your decision. However, not sure about the issues other folks are having. Sounds like there are definitely issues. Mine is perfect in every way. Maybe I got lucky. I’ve been wearing merino wool since Icebreaker first came out. Man has the tech come along way. This hoodie is THE best I’ve ever worn or felt. Congrats on an awesome collaboration. Have no intention of washing it much and when I do will do it by hand. Wouldn’t use it for rugged hiking or outdoors work; too nice (and expensive) to risk it getting snagged.
checkVerified Buyer
Comfy but watching the edges fray is concerning for durability.
Jan 30, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
It's the 3rd day I am wearing my hoodie to work in office and the stitching is coming loose... on the cuff... What the fuck is this? I paid 150 for a hoodie for some garbage craftmanship? Might as well get something made in China. Nice material, but dang, they don't know how to stitch and sew shit.
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