Massdrop x Airist Audio R-2R DAC

Massdrop x Airist Audio R-2R DAC

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Featuring discrete resistor ladder technology at an unheard-of price, the Massdrop x Airist Audio R-2R DAC is one of our most requested and anticipated products this year: a DAC with the looks and quality to match our new lineup of amps. An older technology that’s been making a comeback, R-2R is known to produce rich, warm, natural sound and can have benefits in spatial awareness and staging Read More

Jun 12, 2019
Hi Everyone, Nice to hear some of you already have your RDAC and are enjoying it! DRIVER STUFF For Macs- RDAC should be found in Audio Output Devices as "USB Audio 2.0".  For Windows- I have a link to the driver here and we will work on a product page link...  Windows Driver download link: XMOS Windows Driver (30C8)  Note: Windows 10 may not need a driver.
Sep 19, 2019
Any thoughts about substituting the XX Grace SDAC for this product? In reading the discussions, it appears not to need any drivers and would pair well with the THX AAA 789
Oct 7, 2019
G’day (aussie here) Just did a little looking into this. (I do tech support and this is a frequent issue, and isn’t product specific, but relates to the controller chip used in the Dell XPS (and many other PCs).. Some quick research to confirm if i was on the ‘right train of thought’ was; “For users looking for an audio interface that will not require an adapter, PreSonus offers the Studio 24cStudio 26cStudio 68cStudio 1810c, and Studio 1824c. These audio interfaces use the USB 2.0 protocol which is fully compatible with just about any USB-C port on any computer on the market. However, it is always a good idea to double-check the specs for your computer.” -this was from another audio product that uses USB as a bus to transfer, or connect, to an outboard DAC. It basically suggests that USB has a few variants and they do not all engage ‘quite the same’. Another audio company had a page that highlighted the specific issue as it likely relates (and was what I was specifically looking for, being the two solutions I was going to lean towards) (you do not HAVE to read this) For the record these issues are generally Windows specific, and Windows 10 is a pretty annoying platform to support (I literally closed my PC business down to avoid complex industry ethics that are about to unfold). Most creatives use Apple hardware, and many independent studies have confirmed that creativity flourishes on Apple platforms (and has done for decades). Musicians through the eighties and nineties were very happy with what Apple gave, and there is a reason many people seem to have missed a solution that is common knowledge to PC techs. I feel silly for somehow missing this thread post and SHOULD HAVE commented earlier. The Apple vs Windows rant aside (I’ve been a PC tech who has convinced hundreds of people that the total cost of ownership of Apple products is vastly less, especially so when we factor OUR TIME). My solution(s); prior to researching YOUR SPECIFIC DELL, I was simply going to say.. A) Use the systems BIOS to lock the USB connection mode to USB 2 or ‘compatibility’ mode. B) Recommend use a different USB port After researching the Dell 9570 model XPS, it has TWO USB 3.1 (gen) ports. Technically a third (or more) USB port if connecting the optional HUBs. Those ports may even be USB 3.2 now as the above link gives; the default windows (10) driver for some USB chips (might be different USB controller chips used on your laptops’ left side vs the laptops’ right side) defaults to an incorrect standard for USB audio kit. Using an official driver seems to offer an applet that gives some device control (that is to say, control over how your PC uses its USB ports). That link might give some ideas on how to change the USB mode to one that is industry standard for using with USB audio. Truly, at the moment, I would suggest that any issues you may be having with USB audio devices will not just magically ‘go away’, and is certainly not likely to be device specific. The nature of how various USB DACs connect, depending on whether they are USB 1.1 or USB 2 audio devices, is pretty straightforward. It generally is a ‘plug and play’ affair. The industry has learned that consumers like ‘bigger numbers’ on our spec sheets year in-year out. Of course the industry follows with constantly finding bigger numbered parts to sell us. Without going ‘anti Microsoft’ (a stance I have strong opinions on to do with their consumer ethics), I will confirm that their Surface Books do not always hold the ‘latest technology’ when it comes to USB standards. This makes for ‘forced drivers’ in Windows 10 for USB a front that makes their own Surface Books appear more reliable and ‘usable’ / easy for end users. This seems to be a thing for microsoft. Any non microsoft product that gets forced driver updates (something that the industry creed for decades has been ‘if the update doesn’t do anything that the user needs DON’T update’ (—if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it)), Microsoft making Win10 a ‘forced driver update’ environment makes it a completely unusable environment for ANY production or use in business WORLD OVER. (Caveat Emptor) Anyhow this issue is exacerbated by Windows 10 forced driver updates. My own recent experience of a flagship wifi receiver, which is unusable with forced driver updates, I can generally make it work for “one boot” without ‘retroubleshooting’ to fix what Microsoft keeps breaking. They did the same with a Microsoft video game for many months, the trifecta of windows updates, driver updates and game updates (it was a microsoft first party software product), meant the game would never boot up twice successfully on PC, without loosing 10-30 minutes servicing the product. (with multiple boots) Microsoft sell Xboxs. (they get money for yearly net connections, money from peripheral sales, and money for EVERY title sold). On PC they get none of that. Windows 10 is very effectively going out of its’ way to kill PC as a platform, especially a gaming platform. Anyhow mildly angry rant, as the industry, in an attempt to sell more, puts time costs on millions of end users. Sadly, in this instance, a feature of having ‘faster USB’, means we have lost a lot more time than we will ever gain. I am happy to give succinct assistance, this message is bigger than it needs to be to confirm WHERE the blame needs be. It is neither user, nor hardware part, but the software vendor of the OS and industry need to ‘advance’. I DO feel your pain. Hope we can easily set, via BIOS, a backwards compatible USB mode. At least for one of the ports? edit: didn’t hear from you.. for other users in the same situation, a quick resolve: try a USB HUB? Forcing an older HUB in place using a slower speed, if you have one in the house, might get around this. (I have doubts as the USB3.1 port will still be in the pathway.) This issue could be a low quality USB cable (try rotating a thick and fast cable into use), but is most likely Windows 10 ‘forced driver’ updates. I have seen this issue countless times with people saying ‘it worked yesterday’ etc.. a quick check always seems to show that Microsoft have updated to an outdated driver that seems to break things- has happened to me personally, nearly weekly since win 10 launched (but never during the prelaunch version that didn’t force updates). The link above should give methods to forcing unsigned drivers etc, but at the end of the day, M$ just screws up the machine over and over and over again. The issues here are not likely at all related to the DAC, and will need to be troubleshot as the same issues will creep up on other DACs in a Win10 environment. (In this instance I would LOVE to be wrong, and it would be great if it was simply a dodgy USB receiver chip- yet this DAC has a cutting edge high quality receiver chip designed to allow top tier DSD etc)
Mar 29, 2021
Have one barely used for sale (purchased from DROP). Shot me an email if you are interested in buying :
Jun 26, 2021
Are you still selling it? Also what location will you be shipping from?
Jun 26, 2021
Yes. Shipping from MA, USA.
Feb 9, 2021
Another dead R2R...out of warranty...anyone recommend a US based repair outfit? If I can't locate a shop, anyone want to buy it cheap?
Feb 24, 2021
Yeah - would love to find somebody who can repair. I have the teeny tiniest amount of noise in my right channel that can only be heard in the silent parts of songs. Its driving me nuts. Would LOVE to get it fixed because i love using the DAC.
Dec 6, 2020
I just got in the loop about this r2r thing. Will this product ever run again?
Dec 22, 2020
The R2R 11 dac/amp is a nice unit, or the Ares as a dac alone. Either will get you onto a nice r2r level; Ares has more life.
Nov 18, 2020
Hello everyone, I would like know if anyone is interested in selling their Airist R-2R DAC, i´m offering 400$ for one in good condition. you can also contact me at best regards to all
Oct 20, 2020
If anyone here is interested in purchasing both an Airist RDAC and Schiit Modi Multibit v2 (both in like new condition & very low hours on each) hit me up; I'm kinda needing to sell to fund my next R2R dac (if I can find a buyer, lol). $500 for both units with all original accessories and packaging w/ USPS First Class Shipping if in USA. I can post pics if anyone would like, too. You can also reach me at
Jan 4, 2021
Gotcha. Well, if interested in them hit me up at I appreciate it, man.
Mar 2, 2021
Hey man. Email me at if you want to. I've finally found a used Bifrost 2, so I'm hoping to sell the RDAC & Mimby v2 again. Thanks!
Oct 14, 2020
Any news on this dac?
Oct 30, 2020
Options... I have one of these, someday this could be me;) "Denafrips ARES balanced R2R resistor ladder DAC. Condition is USED with minimal suffs. the most visibls scratch is in the front barely noticeable.. works great this is one of the best i had.. i had the gungnir multibit, schiit yggdrasil, chord qutest and this will wipe them out... im just sellin this cause im going to move to terminator.'”

Sep 3, 2020
So it seems like it's gonna ship again in 2029. Just gonna wait 9 years then
Aug 4, 2020
Still waiting for it to come back.. or another R2R dac. Enough of cheap chinese chip thingy-s .. we want R2R!
Nov 17, 2020
Check out the EC Designs DAC. It's $1K, but on par with the Denafrips Terminator
Jul 26, 2020
So, the rumor is that Airist is no longer? I hope that this doesn't mean that the RDAC will be discontinued.
Dec 26, 2020
Looks pretty dead
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