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Moondrop KXXX IEM

Moondrop KXXX IEM

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Product Description
Improving on the well-reviewed Kanas Pro IEM, Moondrop takes things up a notch with the KXXS: flagship earphones featuring a redesigned zinc-aluminum alloy housing. Taking that design a step further with a new black satin finish, Moondrop has unveiled the KXXX IEM—and it’s only available here on Drop Read More

Mar 13, 2022
Hello all, I got some measurements with my DspEARS. I hope this will help everyone get a better idea of the sound. The white line is the Harman target. Red is average 1/12 smoothing. Disclaimer: I can vouch for the accuracy of the measurements (12 recorded, all hit within the same ballpark). The preciseness (whether these measurements are close to what they should be) is up for debate. I just hook it up to my desktop in my room so it's pretty unprofessional. They shouldn't be that off though (yes there's a big scoop in the treble). I use it to measure a lot of my headphones and the results are usually pretty good (A/B'ing with oratory's).

Jan 8, 2022
To anyone here checking these out, I'm willing to trade both a set of used-twice authentic Sennheiser IE-80S iems + brand new never used iFi Audio Hip Dac portable DAC / Amp for your KXXX if interested. Just PM me; both would come with all original accessories and packaging. Thanks!
Nov 28, 2021
Is the Kxxx essentially the same IEMs as the Moondrop Kato?
Feb 12, 2022
Akmax57It is supposedly inferior
Nov 24, 2021
there is a film behind the filter. my right ear is quiet due to unknown reason after several months sit in cabinet. then take out the filter and remove the film behind filter. the sound become to normal volume. but i think the sound is also changed, because i have not listen to it for long time , so i can't tell what is changed.
Nov 15, 2021
Just received my pair in the mail today and am having some annoying issues using them with an Android device. The earphones seem to randomly trigger 'button' actions from the headset. Skipping songs or activating voice assistant. Has anyone seen similar problems? Could the cable just have some feedback causing problems? I've seen stuff like this happen with other aux cables, but not as frequently as these seem to do it.
Oct 27, 2021
but can it do surround sound
Oct 3, 2021
How do I return these? I hate the way my bass sounds in them
Nov 27, 2021
JoeyVincent11are u current limited?
Sep 9, 2021
Moondrop Kato has landed for $189 with an extra free cable. The company distortion figures are even lower than that of the Illumination's
Feb 17, 2022
I did not leave any official reviews on these two because they've been widely covered. They deserve their reputations as two of the best IEM's in the $200 range. Short summation: The Timeless is deceptively light while still being well-made. The bass can be a touch on the bloomy side but it does extend deep with fairly good definition. It exhibits a lot of the typical characteristics of a planar driver, good speed & resolution. I would classify it as neutral leaning with a bass bump & excellent micro detail. Treble extension is just a little bit less than ideal for me. You lose just a bit of spatial info depending on material. To me, the weak point is the cable. Yes, it's beautiful & handles well, but it is the choke point in the Timeless' performance. I switched the cable to a gold-plated monocrystalline OCC copper Litz cable with good results. It tightened up the bass & extended the treble. I also feel that a balanced cable gets the best out of the Timeless. The Kato is built like a tank. I would describe it as being on the bright side of neutral. It exhibits low distortion & very good clarity. It tiptoes right up to the line of being sibilant without unnecessarily crossing it. The upper midrange & the treble are presented a little more forward when compared to the Timeless. The bite from brass instruments or a tenor sax or a cymbal strike are presented better especially on live material. A big plus is that accessory-wise, the Kato is gtg straight out of the box! The Spring Tips have quickly become one of my favorites & I've ordered more to try on other sets. I pre-ordered my Kato so I have the free cable upgrade but it's still sitting unopened in its box. The stock cable is great & cable swapping did nothing to improve the Kato's performance. Honestly, it's not a situation of one being better that the other. I truly appreciate them both. Which one I prefer will depend on my mood & the material I happen to be listening to. If I had to choose, I'd probably pick the Timeless because I tend to be treble sensitive but that's a personal thing. FTR, neither is my favorite. That title still belongs to my Drop x JVC HA-FDX1 with the 50% filter installed.
Feb 17, 2022
MaverickAHThank you soo much for taking the time for the summation, it was quite enlightening. I may end up getting the jvc. Cheers
Sep 7, 2021
Just received my pair and so far extremely pleased with the sound quality. 2 gripes:- the cable which I will solve on my own however looking for some guidance on foam tips to replace these included silicone ones? For whatever reason I am struggling to get a good fit. Some of the pictures show people have switched to foam so would appreciate some input! Cheers.
Oct 17, 2021
Bremner1Between Comply foam, Azla sednaearfit, Final audio E series, JVC spiral dot++, Spinfit, and various stock silicone tips, I find the best fit/sound with Spinfit and JVC. I hope this helps.
Jul 29, 2021
Still the best under $200.
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