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Tascam DP-24SD Digital Studio

Tascam DP-24SD Digital Studio

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Product Description
A 24-track workstation that allows eight tracks of simultaneous recording, the Tascam DP-24SD offers a complete digital studio solution. The built-in mixer has everything you need for professional sound mixing, including EQ, reverb, amp simulation, and multi-band mastering effects Read More

Jul 16, 2018
Tascam is known for their portable mixers. I'm actually a bit giddy right now and hope Massdrop starts selling synths and instruments! Maybe a Massdrop Eurorack module! Massdrop if you want a hit for mixers, get us an inexpensive mixer with motorized faders. I'd take a look at some of the Behringer models if we're looking for bargains and side step the mixer snobs (aka I only buy Allen Heath).
JdjungI missed out on the drop for Ultranovas. And the Moog.
I've handled Behringer equipment a few years ago. And I'd prefer not to ever again if I can avoid it. I'll take Yamaha, Mackie, or A&H over Behringer any day, yuck.
Jul 19, 2018
Valensilius_ZephyrusThats the older Behringer. Have you looked at Behringers new synths? They sound amazing. Deepmind 12 and thier Neutron sound amazing and are original enough for me. I will stay away from their D clone though. In terms of their motorized mixers, the reviews are high if you dismiss the brandwhores.
Jul 15, 2018
"A complete digital studio solution" Lol
"The built-in sound mixer has everything you need for professional sound-mixing, including EQ, Reverb, amp-simulation, and multi-band mastering effects"... 😂rofl
Jul 15, 2018
Will this function as a sound card if connected to pc by USB (allowing input and output) or will I have to connect a dac?
Jul 15, 2018
rootduckEDIT: Whoops. I was wrong. I'm not sure this thing even exposes USB audio. All I see is USB for talking to SD card when looking at manufacturer site.
Original: It should, unless this is wildly different than every other digital mixer I've gotten my meathooks into. Everything'll probably default to channels 1 and 2. If you're on a mac, Loopback by Rogue Amoeba can be used to direct audio to specific channels with minimal trouble. No clue on Windows.
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