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Product Description
The TRN V90 IEM combines cutting-edge driver performance with a large, ergonomic diaphragm design to deliver vivid in-ear audio. Each earbud contains five drivers—two 30019 balanced armatures, two 50060 balanced armatures, and one 10-millimeter magnetic diaphragm—to enhance details on all frequencies Read More

Customer Reviews

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Aug 27, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Great IEMs
These punch way above their price in sound signature and weight. Heavily Recommended.
Dec 24, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Terrific for me, but YMMV
This review is essentially identical to my review of the BLON BL-03 IEMs, for reasons that will become obvious. Use these IEMs primarily with my iPhone 8 to make calls, to listen to podcasts, and for listening to background music. Detachable cord (w/mic) is a bit long for most of my uses (see exception below) but it hasn't annoyed me enough to replace it. Semi-rigid curve of the cord helps hold them in place. Stock tips provide enough isolation/fit to use these while operating outdoor machinery at home (gas-powered brush cutter, edger, weed whacker, hedge trimmer, power washer, log splitter, tractor/loader, ...) without additional ear protection. Been a real godsend for the past 60 days, when my employer has decided to renovate (jackhammers and impact drill/drivers) the concrete block building in which I work. Note that these are good for connecting to the 1/8" stereo jack found in most commercial airliners - the cord is long enough to fit underneath the tray table (facilitates multi-tasking) and the fit doesn't fatigue me on 4 hour flights. Occasionally wear these at night to listen to audio (connected directly to iPad Air 2) without disturbing the spouse. Comfortable enough to sleep in. Sound quality is fine for my usage cases, but I cannot judge whether they are suitable for audiophile applications. These IEMs works flawlessly with my Alpha and Delta Lightning adapter and my Radon Earstudio ES100 Bluetooth DAC/Amp. Purchase price ($37 all in) is a good value for me given that the particulars of my usage cases. Cheap enough that I won't lose sleep if I break them or lose them. Of course, YMMV.
Nov 22, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
The experience is very good. I could compare them against my alclair CIEMs which are more neutral and I notice their inclination to bass, but still very pleasant. I was able to put custom silicon sleeves (tips) I bought 5 years ago from 64Audio so they fit perfect ,but for that reason, I don't have an opinion on the provided tips.
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Nov 16, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Well balanced, good details, punchy bass IEM
I used to have an Ultimate Ear custom IEM. Got stolen and don't have the budget to get another one yet. This TRN V90 is an excellent value and quality IEM for this price point! This is an excellent temporary substitute. I use a separate tiger (gold/silver) cable rather than the stock cable, and complyfoam tip.
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Nov 11, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Setup : Radsone ES1000 and JamesDSP on Samsung Galaxy S10+ = 24bit 96khz via LDAC. Own : Meze 99 Classics, Blue Lolas, CCA 10, and free AKG earphones that came with Galaxy. Have Balanced connections for Meze and IEMs Did not even try using the included silicon tips; JVC Spiral Dots are the way to go for IEMs. Metal housing is a lot smaller than my CCA 10's (and always cold when I first put them in). Very comfortable for long periods and the sound so far (4 days) has been extremely sensitive to whatever EQ settings I experiment with without distortion. Bass, especially sub bass, has great warmth and clarity, without bleeding into the mid range. Spacial cues with instruments are fantastic and treble is present without being piercing (unlike the CCA 10). Superior to every pair of Headphones and earphones I have ever owned save the 99 Classics and only $45! Buy Them :)
Nov 11, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Great build and sound for so little cash
This is still my initial impression as I only just recieved them today, but after my usual barrage of everything from Vivaldi MQA's to some punk CDs these sound really nice. They are definitely tuned to be fun, the bass has a decent punch to it, but they are still (in my opinion) pretty well balanced overall. My only issue at all was the included tips, but I slipped on some Dekoni foams and all was happy. They seem to be well-detailed and they are built well. Most of my IEM experience is with Chi-Fi such as Tin Audio, TFZ, or CCA so I can't say I know true perfection, but for the price point these are already among my favorites and a likely contender for my EDC.
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