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Violectric V280 Headphone Amp

Violectric V280 Headphone Amp

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Product Description
Designed to amplify any pair of headphones with ultra-low distortion and rich articulation, the Violectric V280 headphone amp is one portable amplifier that doesn’t cut corners on performance. German-engineered with the goal of driving low-, medium- and high-impedance headphones with symmetrical amplification, the V280 can output an impressive 5.3 watts at 100 ohms Read More

Customer Reviews

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100% would recommend to a friend
May 1, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Fun and musical
Exactly the amplifier I'm looking for, detailed but musical at the same time. Build is sturdy. Just don't expect a nice packaging, it's simple but protected
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Jan 9, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Astounding amp only tarnished by Drop clerical mistakes
Let's start with the bad news because this review does get better later... I ordered the optical DAC but was sent the coaxial DAC. When I reported the problem to Drop they were unable/unwilling to replace or refund just the DAC board, but did offer a refund on the whole unit if I returned it. So Drop's shipping department now has two strikes from me (the first was my Pandas never shipped at all). Please be more careful guys. The second piece of bad news is that the box and case both ship with stickers indicating a single voltage only. This was alarming to me because it's the wrong voltage for my region. Turns out that was just a poor design decision by Violectric. The stickers are just stickers and you can open the amp up (using the instructions in the manual) and switch the AC voltage between 115V and 230V. No problem in the end if you have a Torx T10 driver and some confidence. The good news is that the V280 produces jaw dropping sound. Truth be told, I already own a V281 so I spent a long time thinking that trying the V280 would be fruitless. But I'm so glad I ordered the V280. It has a darker, warmer sound than the V281. The V280 has a sound that seems more tonally balanced, more like a THX AAA amp. I tried turning the gain all the way down on the V281 to see if it could match the gooey fluid sound of the V280, and got close, but not quite there. The V281 is still too harsh, shouty, bitey. I love the V280 more right now. The V280 does sound different to the V281 in exactly the ways I had read about, and that's incredibly satisfying. Now comparing the Benchmark HPA4, which to my knowledge is the most powerful THX AAA 888 amp around. The V280 only lacks some high-end sparkle. If your source has noise in it or is low resolution then you will hear it on the HPA4 and not on the V280. Other than that, the V280 currently is blowing away the HPA4 in my mind. The reason is that the V280 has the extra power required to open up insensitive headphones and make them sound right. For example, I cannot use Focal headphones on the HPA4. It just sounds constrained like there's not enough power to move those metal diaphragms at the right speed at the right time. But the V280 has no problem at all revealing what the headphone manufacturers wanted you to experience. So now the V280 has defeated two amps which each cost twice as much as a V280. Yeah, I'm impressed. I certainly plan on keeping the V280 despite Drop failing to send the DAC I ordered. It's a better idea to use higher quality external DACs at this level anyway. Now to sell some gear...
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Aug 11, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Super clean POWERHOUSE
I have been upgrading my headphone system over the past few months starting with the purchase of the RME ADI-2 DAC, followed by the Audeze LCD-2C & Audeze LCD-3 headphones and then most recently with the purchase of the Violectric V280 amp (which replaced my Lake People G109S). I have been playing with the adjustments of the RME DAC to achieve the optimum synergy and sound between it and the V280. The RME has a parametric equalizer which is huge in dialing in the sound coming out of my Audeze headphones. Finally, again from the RME, I used the balance control to compensate for a slightly diminished hearing loss in my right ear and that gave me a perfect sonic image. Well it's safe to say that I have assembled an end game system. The RME's incredible detail retrieval and low noise and low distortion provides the V280 with an excellent signal via the RME's XLR line output. The V280 delivers an equally clean jolt of seemingly endless supply of power to my XLR cabled Audeze's. Although the G109S is a terrific amp in it's own right, the V280 is leaps and bounds ahead of the G109S in dynamics, power delivery and overall auditory quality. This is one excellent sounding amp that is capable of producing sound that is so realistic sounding. The Audeze's sound incredible with this DAC and AMP. The sound is warm, detailed and powerful, just the way I like it. I am in audio heaven re-listening to my music catalog on this system.
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Aug 3, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Top Notch
This thing is a beast. Can handle anything up to and including 600 ohm headphones. Has dip switches on the back for adjusting gain which allows full usage of the volume knob. Also has internal switches for grounding and changing the rear RCA to output.
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Aug 29, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Recommends this product? Yes
Dec 25, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
It’s a super high-end headphone amp !!!
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