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7HZ SEVENHERTZ 71 Headphone Amp/Dac

7HZ SEVENHERTZ 71 Headphone Amp/Dac

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Product Description
The 7HZ SEVENHERTZ 71 Headphone Amp/DAC is the perfect little adapter to toss into your go bag—with desktop-level performance. Centered on an AKM AK4377 chip, this little audio dongle provides up to 32-bit, 384-kilohertz PCM decoding with DSD64 support to deliver rich, natural, detailed conversion for your source device’s audio files Read More

Nov 28, 2022
Would this be enough to drive the HD6XX?
Nov 29, 2022
TmanxpAt only 70mW output power I doubt it. You might do better looking at an AudioQuest Dragonfly Red although at $199 it’s also much pricier and also requires a dongle/adapter.
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