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Dekoni Blue by Fostex Planar-Magnetic Headphones

Dekoni Blue by Fostex Planar-Magnetic Headphones

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Product Description
This new variant of the renowned T50RP MKIII is a collaboration between Fostex and Dekoni, a company well loved on Drop for its excellent line of headphone pads. Done in a distinctive light blue, these headphones feature Fostex’s proprietary planar-magnetic drivers and come installed with Dekoni’s Elite Hybrid ear pads Read More

Oct 5, 2023
TLDR: Lots of bang for your buck with these. I had looked at these a couple years ago, but instead just saved and reached for the Aeon Noire. At CanJam SoCal last weekend I saw these at the Dekoni table and out of curiosity I took at listen, and WOW I slept on these -- I bought them on the spot at CanJam. Played through a powerful amp, they're like... 85%-90% of the detail of the Noire... The gap is waaaay smaller than I expected. The tuning is very different than the Noire, with the Blue's being much much warmer and U-shaped. I've never really cared for V-shaped or U-shaped tunings, but for whatever reason I really like what Dekoni has done with the Blues. In my opinion the Blue's are a satisfyingly fun and detailed headphone, when paired with a powerful amp. Gear I listened through:
  • Geshelli stack custom made for Dekoni (at CanJam)
  • JDS Labs Element III Boosted version (at home)
So Drop has discounted these 15% for their big 4th of July sale. Problem is that they took it off the suggested retail price instead of their normal price when they appear here. Are they so desperate to make a buck that they’ve stooped to misrepresentation? Oh, nevermind, it’s Drop which has always been the land of smoke and mirrors. ps - Drop, you totally suck
Jul 16, 2022
GuyInPittsburghGood one.
Apr 29, 2022
Man, I bought these second hand so I can't write a review, but I just want to say - don't sleep on these! Playing through a Schiit Stack I'm getting ALL THE BASS but also lots of detail and air up top. I have had 58X/6XX as well as the Beyer HD177X GOs, but these are my new favorite Drop headphones for desktop listening. Relaxing when you want background but revealing when you want to get into it. Love them!
Apr 21, 2022
Hm.. i wonder if i can recolor these with a good metallic paint?
Apr 21, 2022
Drop has stooped to a new low. Jacking the price on these to $300 in order to make it appear that they’ve lowered the price for a sale all the while using the normal price. Drop, you suck donkey dick.
Mar 31, 2022
AFTER the Modhouse tweak they sidelined my 650s..
Nov 23, 2021
Will these become available again in the future after the group buy ends in 2 days? (Nov 25, 2021) Thanks.
Nov 21, 2021
On amazon I can buy T50RP MKIII right now for 159$ and any earpads for 10-20$. Also I have Brainwavz  earpads. So, why should I buy them here for 180$?
219 on amazon and you wont have to wait a month for them to ship.
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