Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for Fostex

Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for Fostex

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Sep 2, 2021
What is the difference between protein leather and sheepskin? Also what is the difference between TH-X00 and TH-900 pads besides the price?
Aug 26, 2021
Have the shipping charges, like, tripled? To Canada, at least?
Jul 1, 2021
Will this be available soon? My original leather pads started peeling :(
Jan 29, 2021
Bueno siento como que me han robado a una semana aun no se nada ni de mis earpads ni del servicio al cliente. Cada día peor "massdrop"
Jan 26, 2021
Any updates on the shipping dates? I still haven't received my shipping confirmation/tracking number!
Jan 27, 2021
Customer service is non-existent!
Dec 29, 2020
Did they update the attenuation ring? Looks a little bit different than the one I currently have. Also anyone tried TH900 Sheepskin/Elite Hybrid pads on TH-X00/D2000 by any chance?
Dec 28, 2020
Hey, Does anyone know if this will fit the Denon D5200 - and more specifically which variation in your experience is best? I know people say it works with DX000 series, does that mean the entire line? Also I'm assuming the attenuation ring is a 'yes' to get. Thanks for the help
Dec 29, 2020
Hey thank you for your advice. Honestly, I have the D5200's new pretty recently. And I am happy with the sound though maybe the highs/ vocals are a little shouty on some songs? I think this because sometimes I feel like I am turning down the volume when I actually want to increase it. Though I don't have enough run time to know whether this is necessarily a problem that I'd want to start playing Earpad roulette over? From looking through the Head-Fi thread for the D5200, most people are saying that they actually DONT WANT TO change the sound of the stock pads. And even you are saying in your reply?: " From experience any pad that is not stock pad will change sound." I think my intention to change the pads is "upgrade-itis" but since they're new and most people seem to be only changing the pads if their stock pads are starting to degenerate, then I might just stick with the stock pads for now until I start needing a replacement. Furthermore there doesn't seem to be a straight up consensus (is there ever...) on which pads are actually the "best" for the D5200's, whether that be achieving the same sound signature, or improving on it. Though I get that sound signature might be subjective. I guess being proficient at EQ and what you like will from EQ helps here - unfortunately I can't say I am either of those two things. Some suggestions I have seen on the Head-Fi org are:
  • Yaxi Alcantara pad
  • Used by user 'auronthas' here:
  • Brainwavz
  • Talked about by yourself and user 'bigjako' here:
  • Dekoni perforated protein leather pads
  • Suggested by user 'bigjako':
  • "that opened up the soundstage considerably, but I think it made the highs sharper and more fatiguing."
  • TH610 pad
  • Your suggestion where you said: "Currently I still enjoy the stock pad the best....closest second at the moment is TH610 pad, third closest for me right now is Yaxi pad "
  • Just "Dekoni attenuation rings"
  • Suggested by user 'lowgain' see his post here
  • He says "Immediate upgrade in bass impact"
  • Just "Custom half attenuators"
  • Suggested by user 'Vracer111' in his post here
  • Stax pads/ VOCE electrostat pads
  • Suggested by user 'Maxx134' in his post here
  • But Stax are $150, VOCE are $89
  • Miscellaneous Headband upgrade
  • There's also these Dekoni Nuggets that one user suggested for those complaining about hotspots on their headbands.
So... yeah... I guess I'm not really sure what exactly I'm looking for and was just looking for a straight up 'upgrade'(yeah it's ever that simple...' to the stock pads. Should I just stick with the stock pads? haha EDIT: I also just posted a similar question recently here on Head-fi if you want to check that out. 2nd EDIT: It looks to me like my bullet point formatting is not coming through??? It's working when I write the message but apparently after posting the comment it vanishes … oh well.. Cheers :D
Dec 29, 2020
LOL don't worry I totally get you. I was totally in the same boat though my ear pad was actually broken. For the record I actually don't have D5200. I followed the head-fi thread because I wanted to buy one, but in the end I decided that I'll stick with my D2000 for now haha. Like you said there's really nothing wrong with it but I just wanted to "upgrade" and ended up spending a lot of money and came back to where I was LOL. This was the mini guide I wrote but unfortunately it doesn't cover D5200 but hopefully most of the principle still carries over. Unfortunately like you said there's no easy answer with pad rolling (I think I went through 7-8 pads then in the end went back to my broken pad because it still sounded the best LOL). So there's a chance you might need to try a few until you find out the one you like (or go back to stock, like me LOL). For me specifically I think TH610 is closest match to D2000 ear pad, which from what I've seen is also closest match to D5200 pad (despite different diameter). However it's quite expensive and I don't know if that fixes your issue. OR you can take gamble and try the Dekoni pads. To be honest I tried the Dekoni TH-X00 pad before but the ear hole is smaller so it didn't quite sound the same, and now I'm debating if I want to give the TH900 Sheepskin or Elite Hybrid a try. But there's also a high chance that I might be just running in circles and wasting my money so I'll think about it for a bit, there's still a few days until this drop ends. Just be warned the pad rolling game is hard LOL. Let me know what you decide later on.
Oct 21, 2020
@Drop+Audiophile Why no Elite Hybrid option for the T50RP?
Sep 8, 2020
@Drop+Audiophile When will the Fostex Purplehearts come back again? Makes sense if you sell the headphones when you are selling the earpads.
Oct 17, 2020
It was stated that there were no plans to restock them, and I don’t think I’ve heard news about more since. For now, you’d probably be better off with E-MU teaks or something else with similar foster drivers.
Jul 4, 2020
Are the TH900 pads the correct ones to use for the Massdrop x EMU purpleheart's? I want to get a set but am unable to determine which set to purchase. Please help
Jul 6, 2020
It lists the EMU Teak. No mention of the Purplehearts anywhere. Trying to see which pads to order or the EMU Purpleheart headphone
Oct 17, 2020
Massdrop x EMU Purpleheart pads should be the same as the Creative Aurvana Live pads. I don’t think anything here is compatible with that.
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