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Drop + Master & Dynamic MW07 GO.DROP

Drop + Master & Dynamic MW07 GO.DROP

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With expressive audio, impressive durability, and a streamlined build, Master & Dynamic’s MW07 GO IEM burst onto the scene as one of the best true-wireless options for active listeners. In our latest collaboration—the Drop + Master & Dynamic MW07 GO.DROP IEM—we made it even better Read More

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Jul 5, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Great! It's sounds like MW07 Plus
The Case: I loved the case so much, it's a middle ground between normal MW07 Go and MW07 Plus. The normal MW07 Go's fabric case feels nice but the hinge is terrible, it only has the fabric itself as a hinge and it's just can't hold itself open. I also have MW07 Plus Leica Noctilux 0.95 Version, the case feels extremely premium since it's stainless steel but it's just too heavy for everyday carry. This MW07 Go.Drop surprised me, it is perfect! From the picture, I thought the case would be plastic but instead it's aluminium, feels cold to the touch and gives a premium touch. The best part is the hinge, which can holds itself open and have a nice click when it does so. Look and Feel: Oh this pair of TWS does looks great! The grey stripes made this goes with everything. And the earbuds themselves don't feel cheap, it a nice material but didn't feel too heavy or too light. The wings on the earbuds are great, keeping the buds in my ears. The medium size wings that installed from the factory feel nice at first but hurts after have them in the ears for a while so I changed to the smaller ones. After the I tried with Azla SednaEarfit Xelastec eartips and this helps the buds stick with my ears great, so I didn't need them anymore. But I would still recommend for anyone who will use this for fitness and exercising. The Sound: Since I'm not an audiophile I can only give a very shallow opinion of mine. I will mostly compare with AirPods Pro and Mee Pinnacle P1 which I do have. It sounds fun and lively. The soundstage is not wide and the separation is ok, details are great. And it sound exactly like my much more expensive pair of MW07 Plus. For anyone that doesn't need ANC and mostly use for listening, lacking a few mics is not gonna be a problem. The lows are there, a lot, but clean, not muddy, and not interfere with other ranges of sound. Yes, it has more than the AirPods Pro and P1. This makes this MW07 Go.Drop very fun to listen to bass heavy tracks like EDMs and mainstream tracks. The mids seem a bit recessed compared to the P1. For me, I felt this TWS has a bit of U-shape graph to the sound, not much though. Vocals are not dominant here, but still clear and sound good. The highs are good for me, it does not disturb me with hissing sound like some IEMs.
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Jul 3, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Pretty impressed
I'll start with this, I work in construction and often work in very, very loud conditions as well as long days. I'd been hard pressed to try and find IEM's or in-ear wireless earbuds that were not too expensive to risk in my work environment, but also that can be useful with passive noise cancellation, have long battery life, and meet my baseline for audio quality. After using these for a few days at work, I have to say they tick all the boxes. Bass: While the MW07 Go doesn't have "rattle your head" type of bass, it goes quite low and is very detailed. The punchy notes are fast, and detailed, without sounding overblown. The longer, deeper, bass notes really give a sense of ambiance. It can give you that feeling of a larger soundstage, almost feeling/sound like high quality open back headphones in that regards. I listen to mostly EDM, mostly D'n'B and various types of trance/techno hybrids, but these haven't let down at all in the bass department. Mids: I would say the mids are good as well. Vocals are clear and tact, but not without warmth. Guitars seem slightly recessed, but they still shine through with great accuracy. I'd be lying if I said I didn't prefer a bit of a "V" sound signature, but one not exaggerated. This is probably akin to how I'd describe the mids. When listening to rock/metal/alternative with mid-heavy segments, they still get the job done, and do it well. Vocals and mids aren't lost, but nor do they dominate the spectrum. They keep a respectful balance. Highs: The highs are also, as expected, great. I'd say they're maybe a little peaky at times, but never fatiguing. They have a good clarity to them, with quick peak and fade. They sound well balanced sonically with the rest of the spectrum given by the MW07 Go, and really shine with the speed/response of things like high-hats and symbals when listening to D'n'B as I mentioned before. I find often, the highs of certain D'n'B songs in particular get lost not in a traditional sense, as people often say "bass can be muddy," but somewhat equivalent. Sometimes I find highs are "lazy," being fatiguing are just too sharp. That is not the case. Imaging: The sound stage feels surprisingly wide. I've noticed better stereo imaging with these IEM's than I have with my much more expensive, open back over-ear headphones. I use Philips Fidelio X1 paired with a DAC/Amp combo, and while it does sound great, the MW07 Go has given me a new perspective. The MW07 Go I honestly believe has more stereo clarity, you can hear sounds travelling from left to right, or be centralized/focused with much more ease. You can get a near similar sense of open-ness, or airy-ness with the MW07 Go as well which is kind of mind blowing given what they are and their size. I think in many ways, I almost prefer these to my much more expensive set up I use at home. My use-case/experience: Now, onto the noise blocking. I said early I work in construction. I myself an am industrial and large-scale commercial project electrician. At any given time there could be someone 30 feet from me jack-hammering concrete, grinders, tradesman yelling/shouting to others, sawing, cutting. All types of sounds from super deep but loud hums, to ear-piercingly aggressive metal-on-metal screeching from cutting. While these IEM's don't actively cancel sound, I find that they honestly must remove a similar amount of sound compared to most ear plugs I'd use on the job. I often get made fun of for having sensitive ears on the job site. I can comfortably use a hammer drill for concrete, or drill holes into electrical panels for metal conduit, or cut metal with these in without having any worry of hearing damage or feeling I'm hurting my ears. These really do block out an impressive amount of sound for passive cancelling, or just sealing against your ears. You will hear your surroundings with the volume down low, but once it's up pretty high you really can't hear much if anything. I will say, that the out-side sounds can effect how you perceive the sound signature a bit. I find when I'm a bit more in a loud area, the bass sounds more recessed. One review below me said he believes the low end is lacking. I still wouldn't describe it as lacking, but it certainly comes off a bit weaker when in a loud atmosphere than say just sitting at home or in an office. Either way, whether it's at home or on the go, I find these very comfortable for long listening sessions. I'd say the comfort is maybe their biggest draw back, and I'd rate it at a 7.5/10. I find that after around an hour and a half or two hours of listening, my ears get a little tired but not really uncomfortable. I just start adjusting them a little bit. Sometimes I'll just give me ears a 5-minute break, and they're good once again. I haven't tried any of the other tip or ear cushion sizes yet, so that might help a little as well. They stay really well seated for the most part, even when I'm crawling around in tight spacers moving in rough/harsh ways at work. Microphone/calls: Some people complain that the audio quality of the microphone isn't bad. I've made several phone calls, and asked many times "Hey I'm using new ear buds, how do I sound right now?" Everyone so far has all responded with "Sounds fine to me." I can talk relatively quietly and still be heard, I don't have to shout to be heard. So I'd say that's good enough to get the job done. Battery: So, finally on to the battery life. I work long days often. 10-hour days is common, usually with just a 15-minute morning break and a 35 minute lunch. I also have been listening to these on both my 30 minute commute in to work in the morning, and 45 minute commute home. I figure in an average day I realistically listen to these anywhere from 4 to 7 hours a day. Normally I'll put them in the charging case during either break. Yesterday I forgot my charging case home. I listened to them probably for a total of at least 6 hours during the day. They lasted all day. I got home and put it in the charger case, which indicated their battery level was at "medium," so they still probably had anywhere from 30-60% battery left in the ear buds. I was pretty satisfied with that. The case itself charges quickly, as do the IEM's. The wireless charging has been a little hit or miss for me, trying to find the exact spot on my charger that it likes, but it does work well once you find it. Cons: So far I'd say there are only a small handful. One of them is a known one, you can't listen to just the left one. The right one is basically the main one, so if you're listening to just one, it has to be the right. This doesn't bother me as I prefer my right ear for single-ear listening/calls anyways. Secondly, I've noticed that for some reason, the volume on my phone (Google Pixel XL 1) BEFORE the earbuds connect correlates to the maximum volume they will reach sometimes. For example, if I have my phone speaker volume set to half, the earbuds maximum volume is lower once connected than if my phone speaker volume was set to full. It's happened two times, but not a huge deal really, knowing how to fix it. I mentioned the one issue with finding the right spot for wireless charging, but that could be my charger in particular. Lastly, would be the buttons. 99% of the time I'd say these buttons work fine, but sometimes I think I double tap the right IEM's button too fast, and it registers it as one push. This pauses a track, instead of skipping it. Also, there are a plethora of volume adjustments, almost too much. It takes quite a few taps on the left bud to make a significant difference in volume. I'd say they could probably cut the volume increment to half of what it is and it'd be fine, but I suppose it's nicer in the end to have more options. Just takes a second for quick significant volume changes. Conclusion: Do you want some really impressive IEM's, for a good price? Then look no further. I got these on a Drop sale for $135. At the time of writing the review they're $175. I'd say either of those prices are really well worth it. I enjoy listening to these a lot. They last my entire work day, more than one at that. I think I can get three days out of them before really needing to recharge, maybe four, listening to them for most of the work day. They fit comfortably, and well. The button functions are easy to remember and respond well. I've probably put 40 hours of listening on them. I'm really happy with them.
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Feb 15, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Great build and sound quality
I had written a negative review initially for the headphones because they were a hassle to get connecting sometimes, and I didn't think the microphone worked. After using these and getting into a rhythm (if any connection issues, hold a button on either bud, or put in the case and restart bluetooth on phone) and they're working fine. The sound quality is very very good.
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Apr 25, 2021
IDK how but my bluetooth issues have seemed to iron out. I forgot to mention in my previous review that the phone/call function does not work at all. And to repair them you have to put them in the case, turn off/on bluetooth, then try again. Now that I know how to use them they're fine, but I still cannot make phone calls with them.
Aug 5, 2021
or_emtare they still working fine?
checkVerified Buyer
Fits and sounds great
I don't have much experience with other comparable headphones, but I was very pleasantly surprised with how well these fit (and stayed - even during a run) in my ears, and they sound great while doing it. The build quality feels fantastic too; the charging case snaps shut and everything is working flawlessly so far.
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Feb 19, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Unable to connect to iPhone about a month after purchase
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May 15, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Great mids, missing bottom end
I've only had my MW07 M&D Drop IEMs a few days. My first impressions are good. I'm impressed by the craftsmanship. These are well made IEMs. They are not light. They feel substantial. They are surprisingly comfortable to wear. I'm not sure I believe the hype about breaking in IEMs. Although my go to BGVP DMGs seem to have gotten better with age. These are not loud. They are much quieter than the pos Skullcandy Indy Fuels they are replacing. They have great mid range. Voices sound amazing. They are missing bass. I'll use my BGVP for that genre. I hope these also age well.
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Jan 14, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Surprisingly good sound stage for a small package. Thoroughly impressed by the physical fit in the ear. The range of sound is equally impressive. I don’t usually write reviews of products I’ve purchased but these blow away any other wireless ear buds I’ve ever tried. Pros:
  • Great sound
  • Design looks great
  • Fits securely in ear (mine anyway)
  • Doesn’t “feel” too durable. Although it’s probably fine, might want to be careful with these if you’re using them for gym/training.
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Dec 1, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
When they work, they work great
The QC on these might be a bit spotty. The first pair I received had earbuds that worked perfectly, however the case battery was DOA. They were comfortable and sounded great, but I had to send it all back to RMA the case. In the second pair, the right earbud kept losing range until it eventually died. Thanks to drop support, I was able to get a refund. As for the soundstage, I recall there being clearly defined lows and the highs were crisp compared to most wireless IEMs.
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Aug 9, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Very nice-sounding and well-fitting earbuds
Overall, a great pair of wireless IEMs, a massive improvement on the crusty pair of Skullcandy Indy buds I had previously. One thing to mention though is that the exact same IEMs can be found on Amazon for 30-50 dollars less than here, but just without this colourway
Apr 24, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
A great choice! 9/10
sound and build quality are great, really comfortable on the ears. only issue that I can see is that its impossible to solely use the left earbud while keeping the right one in the case. it's a small problem so I won't haggle over it.
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Jun 20, 2021
mohammad_sajwaniWhen you say the left earbud doesn't play on it's own, does this mean that the right earbud will work by itself with the left in the case?
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