Echobox Ti-22BT Bluetooth IEM

Echobox Ti-22BT Bluetooth IEM

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Featuring rugged magnetic titanium housings, the Echobox Ti-22BT Bluetooth IEMs are a great companion for the gym or your daily commute. They’re naturally hypoallergenic and sweat resistant, with “Secure Fit” ear-hook technology that keeps them in place when you’re on the move Read More

Mar 17, 2020
Did anyone else buy a pair only for it to stop connecting to Bluetooth after two weeks and not turn on completely after 3 weeks? It truly is a bummer since i was really digging these. The sound was excellent for the price and they actually stayed in my ears (unlike the majority of other iems I’ve owned) with the comply tips and hooks. They gave me a full refund which was cool so nothing agains drop, but tbh I’d prefer to have a working pair of these.
Jan 26, 2020
Отличные блютусные ушки, купил за 15 баксов и вполне удивился. Что могут быть громкие удобные ушки. Обычно блютус уши такое днищще космическое, а здесь прямо оно. Брал к телефону и к Ecobox плееру. Потому что когда работаю в мастерской дома с кабелями около цтркулярки или прочей такой штуки сильно не покрутишься, будет как у хэппитри френдс. Отличная упаковочка, приятно распаковывать. За сумму 1700 рублей которые они с доставкой в нашу веселую гондуРассию это даром! У нас за эти деньги китайское фуфло с Алика только покупать. пришло всё вовремя. Спасибо Dropу
Jan 4, 2020
My unit will not sync or even be recognized by any of my Apple devices. Do I have a faulty set?
Jan 5, 2020
My error after all. I needed to hold down the synchronization button down for over 30 seconds then they paired. The earphones are impressive for the price.
For 2 pairs of medium T400 comply tips, ,totally worth it
Jan 25, 2020
That's what I was thinking!
Dec 12, 2019
$25 on amazon. Please let me know if I am wrong.
Nov 26, 2019
No complaints for the price... and now reduced further. Better BT performance than most other sub $30 IEM's I've tried anyway. Sound quality is way better than many other pairs I've trued in that price range as well. I don't mind the weight or fit at all. I may get another pair.
Oct 29, 2019
Gee... I tried to get one but although it states "Free shipping to US" it doesn't ship to international at all. Should have stated shipping to US only.
Oct 10, 2019
I hate when BT IEMs have a remote on one side with nothing else on the other side to balance the weight; just put the remote one side & the battery on the other side.
If they are anything like their other products steer well clear.. Awful company
It is well documented.. Do a search and see the things backers on their kickstarter campaign say about them. Rude, nasty and arrogant..
Oct 30, 2019
To be fair I bought X1s on Amazon about a year ago and was annoyed when I saw the nice price drop here especially since I didn't like the product so much. I looked up my order there and it showed I could still return it actually (that was surprising I thought) and contacted the seller/manufacturer through Amazon and they responded right away that I could either return them or they'd send me a new unit at no charge. I opted for the latter though they still sound the same, lol. Just want to share my own good experience even if others' have been on the opposite end.
Sep 21, 2019
They're Bluetooth 4.1 and AptX, at least from what I can dig up elsewhere.
Oct 30, 2019
A good seller should (know and) be transparent with their own product specification. Definitely saves prospective buyers the trouble of separately looking up, and communicates how detailed the seller is, on their part as well - that creates a good impression of the seller. Audiophiles buy EDC products as well :-)
Oct 30, 2019
Yes, audiophiles know to look in other places as well for their gear. Can't get a collection 30+ pairs of ear/head phones w/o looking high and low, lol.
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